Top 10 Destinations for an Endless Summer in Autumn

Although the local leaves are turning colors, summer is still in full swing a bit further south and there's still a chance to take that last-minute summer getaway. From the incredible reefs of Honduras to hidden beaches in Brazil, here are the top 10 destinations for an endless summer.
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Autumn is now well underway and many travelers have unpacked their winter wardrobe, stashed their swim trunks, and officially postponed that longed-for summer beach trip for another year. Although the local leaves are turning colors, summer is still in full swing a bit further south and there's still a chance to take that last-minute summer getaway. But just because you're cutting it short doesn't mean you have to settle for high-priced resorts or bland package trips. Many of our southern neighbors are home to incredibly pristine and picturesque stretches of coast where you can live out your beach-bum dreams to your heart's content.

We've gone to the thousands of travelers and locals on the minube travel community who've recommended their picks for soaking up the last rays of summer sun. From the incredible reefs of Honduras to hidden beaches in Brazil, here are the top 10 destinations for an endless summer.


Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda - With average November temperatures comfortably in the 80's, these twin Caribbean islands are ideal for a last-chance summer getaway. While Antigua is the main starting point, the smaller island of Barbuda has a population of less than 2,000 and is an untouched paradise of bird sanctuaries, ancient cave drawings, and simply stunning white-sand beaches. As one traveler put it, Barbuda is the place to "really start living the Caribbean dream." (Photo by Lucio Sassi)

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Maragogi, Brazil - Maragogi in central Brazil is one of the country's greatest undiscovered treasures and, as part of the Coral Coast, a haven for divers and snorkelers. If you really want to experience the best of Maragogi and its nearly year-round temps in the 80's, many travelers recommend the "Ecological Route," an itinerary which takes you through virgin beaches, emerald-blue natural swimming pools, and a spectacular low-tide which lets beach-lovers venture up to half a mile into the crystalline waters without even reaching knee-deep. (Photo by Erika Marques)

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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Legendary surfing, jaguar sanctuaries, and balmy November temperatures in the high 70's are what you'll find in Puerto Viejo, a famously laid-back beach town in the Limón region of southern Costa Rica. Surrounded by the lush Braulio Carrillo Natural Park, Puerto Viejo with its combination of undeveloped beaches and verdant rainforests is the definition of a tropical paradise. If you find yourself worn out, you can always head for the impromptu grills in the town center and enjoy a fresh local lobster to the thump of reggae music. (Photo by Sergio Zuccolo)

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Vieques, Puerto Rico - This stunning island only 8 miles east of the main island of Puerto Rico was, until recently, strictly off-limits to all except the US Military. Now, with the departure of the military, travelers have discovered an island that has remained largely free of the rampant development plaguing much of the Caribbean. Visitors to Vieques will have no trouble finding their own slice of paradise amid dozens of isolated beaches, many perennially voted as among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. If you want a real treat though, rent a kayak for a night ride to enjoy the surreal underwater displays in one of the island's famous bioluminescent bays. (Photo by Naxos)

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Guanaja, Honduras - This pristine island in the Honduras Bay Islands chain has historically been the exclusive haunt of celebrities and elite politicians, but a growing tourism scene fuelled by the island's location at the edge of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the second largest in the world) has opened up opportunities for the non-jet-set to enjoy the fun as well. And, with Guanaja's November temperatures in the low '80s, there's no better time of year to plan an escape from the cars, chaos and clamor of city life. (Photo by Marta Padilla)

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Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil - Brazil's Jericoacoara Beach is another of the country's gems that has remained (thankfully) off the mass-tourism radar. Protected by colossal sand dunes and accessible only via buggies or catamarans, Jericoacoara is home to unbelievable turquoise lagoons that seem more out of the remote South Pacific rather than the Brazilian mainland. Tip: rent a kayak and head to the far side of the lagoon to enjoy Jericoacoara's emblematic water hammocks far from the din of arriving beachgoers and buggies. (Photo by Átila Ximenes)

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Cayos del Este Sudeste, Colombia - The Archipelago de San Andrés is a paradisaical island chain that is actually closer to Panama and Costa Rica than mainland Colombia. While the main island of San Andrés is the traditional tourist favorite, many travelers suggest heading for the Cayos del Este Sudeste, a virtually-unpopulated chain of islands with dozens of palm-studded white-sand keys like Cayo Bolivar, pictured above, whose teaming reefs and virgin beaches are just waiting to be discovered by would-be Robinson Crusoes. (Photo by Carlos Olmo)

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Dunn's River Beach, Jamaica - In the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica, there's a place where misty tropical rainforests meet the crystal-blue Caribbean: Dunn's River Beach. Located at the foot of Dunn's River Falls, a popular tourist attraction featuring a stunning multi-tiered waterfall cascading down to the beach, Dunn's River Beach is an idyllic natural beach that's free of crowds and construction while still offering plenty of activities like jet-skiing, hiking, snorkeling, and sailing for those who prefer a little adventure with their rest and relaxation. (Photo by Lala)

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Corn Island, Nicaragua - Only 40 miles off the Nicaraguan coast, Corn Island is as authentic as it gets. This island was once a refuge for pirates but is nowadays the haunt of shrimpers and lobster fishermen, two delicacies which are readily (and affordably) available on the island. Recently, Corn Island has seen a steady increase of travelers drawn by the island's perfect climate (mid-70's in November) and incredible reefs filled with colorful coral, rays, and barracudas. While there is a solitary airstrip on the island, seasoned travelers recommend hitching a ride on one of the fishing boats leaving the mainland for a small fee. (Photo by Ramon Alberich)

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Tar Bay, Bahamas - Only a short flight from Florida, the Bahamas are a point of reference among travelers looking to enjoy sand and sun without venturing too far from home. Many visitors get drawn in by pricey all-inclusive resorts, but venturing a bit off the beaten path rewards travelers with undeveloped, picture-perfect beaches like those of Tar Bay, a long stretch of peaceful white sand just a short drive from Georgetown. (Photo by Claudia Vicinelli)

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