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Top 10 Essentials For Urban Moms

Congrats! You just found out your pregnant... now what?! The feelings of anxiety and angst will likely overcome your mind in matters of minutes. Why? Because you start thinking about your current situation, your job, your lifestyle, your apartment, the social world with which you associate, finances, and the list continues.
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Congrats! You just found out you're pregnant... now what?! The feelings of anxiety and angst will likely overcome your mind in matters of minutes. Why? Because you start thinking about your current situation, your job, your lifestyle, your apartment, the social world with which you associate, finances, and the list continues.

As an urban mom-to-be and a resident of NYC, I too went through the same emotional process. It's like once you think about one kid, the whole picture changes and you start picturing a family of 4 -the mind really does wander.

However, I took it upon myself to research the space -- the baby product space to be exact. Overwhelmed? Yea, that's an understatement. What do urban moms really need for their newborn? How to cope with the transition of another person in your space? After two months of intense research, I came up with a list of essentials that I believe will be all you really need for when the baby arrives. I've taken into account convenience, sizing/space, and efficiency.


Monte Design Ninna Nanna Bassinet: The product comes in two colors and only the rocker base requires a simple assembling. The bassinet is neither heavy (~30lbs) nor large in size. We've moved it around our apartment and it fits well everywhere -- not to mention portable friendly. There is a slight rocking function available which allows the bassinet to become a mini cradle. What I especially love is that when your baby outgrows the bassinet, the basket can be used for additional storage. If you are looking for one that is more focused on transporting, my pick is the Phil and Ted's Nest. The product is lightweight (~5lbs), offers a firm sleep service and doubles as a carrying bag.



Puj Splash: I LOVED the Puj Splash kit. For just $74.99 you get a super, easy to assemble bathtub (appropriate for bathroom sinks) along with a hooded infant towel, three grippy hooks that allow you to hang the tub or towel, and three washcloths. The tub can be hung to dry after use and takes up no floor space.



Baby Bjorn Carrier One: There are a few carriers out there but the Baby Bjorn offers a multipurpose way to carry your baby in an easy breathable, washable fabric. Two plus points here -if you get tired of one position, you can always maneuver around and you can wash the carrier at any time. Bonus, as your baby grows (max weight suggested is 33lbs) it becomes a workout for the person carrying! From 3 months onwards (approximately when the baby has head/neck control), the Bitybean is a casual, compact, portable, lightweight option (only weighs 8 oz!).


Urbini Touri: First off, why are strollers so expensive?! This is the first stroller I've seen that could possibly have been designed with the urban mom in mind. We don't have time for a complex and multifaceted stroller. Ideally, it should be easy to use, convenient to access, not take up a lot of space, and exude safety. The stroller weighs less than 20lbs (think two 10lb dumbbells!) and the additional car seat companion weighs less than 8lbs. The Touri is an affordable ($149.99) and portable stroller option. Urbini also offers the Hummingbird stroller, which is less than 7lbs in weight so if you don't require a car seat of your own; it's an efficient choice. Urban tip: Invest in a Stroll Away, which allows you to hang your stroller from any door (measured for all widths).



Joovy Boob Starter Set: Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, formula feeding or doing both, a good bottle set is essential. Based on my research, one of the most important tech specs to consider is the vent system, which the Joovy Boob has patented. The bottle should not allow for extra air and this is important because babies can't expel the gas.


Kiinde Twist Gift Set: I was SO excited to find out about this product because it addresses an important issue for working moms -- how to properly and safely heat up breast milk for feeding. This gift set includes the ability for a new mom to pump directly into storage pouches and for any caretaker to re-heat the stored milk effectively. For women who plan to return to work after a few months, the Kiinde product line offers a convenient way to provide your child breast milk without the stress.


Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets and Nursing Bibs: We all learn quickly how to make our babies feel comfortable and they love to be swaddled. The blankets are versatile and multi-functional with uses including stroller covers and tummy time lounging. The bibs could also double as a burp cloth. Why Muslin? They are re-usable, made from 100 percent organic cotton, environmental friendly and dry quickly and freely.


Nursery Accessories

Ubbi Diaper Pail: Do diapers really need their own disposal system? Well, in small urban apartments where all kinds of scents pass through ventilation systems become noticeable, I'd say that such a product could be a lifesaver (especially if you are sensitive to smells in general like myself!). The Ubbi system is eco-friendly and doesn't require any special bags. I find those two attributes and the fact that there won't be a stinky smell associated with the diaper process the reason why I choose this brand!


Nuna Leaf: This could quite possibly be your best friend for putting your baby to sleep. It's an easy to assemble, compact, rocking bouncer chair. The chair comes with an organic cotton insert that could be washed when needed. Bonus? You don't need to plug it in or recharge it! Just choose a color that works for you.