Top 10 Farmers Markets In The US (SLIDESHOW, VOTE)

Top 10 Farmers Markets In The US (SLIDESHOW, VOTE)

While July may bring sweltering heat, here at HuffPost Green, our favorite summer treats are the bountiful farmers markets that get people out of the A/C and into the sunshine to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only are farmers markets just plain delicious, their impact on physical, environmental, and community health is worth celebrating.

We've put together a top ten list of the best farmers markets in the country -- but we know this is far from an exhaustive list of the amazing markets that are happening nationwide. That's why we want YOU to send in your pictures of your favorite local farmers market. Please Include your name, location and one detail about your pick to huffpostgreen [at] huffingtonpost [dot] com.

In addition to dishing the dirt on farmers markets, The Huffington Post and The Gotham Gazette are doing a food mapping project to research New Yorkers' access to fresh fruits and vegetables. If you live in NYC, send your observations to this fantastic effort.

Also, if you can't get enough of farmers market voting from this slideshow, check out this great summer-long contest of farmers markets, where the winner will receive $5,000.

And now, for the pictures. Don't forget to send us yours!

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