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Top 10 friendship dilemmas of 2010

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Friendships, even very good ones, typically change over time. But the "rules" or etiquette on how to best adapt to a changed friendship are often murky. Friends struggle with doing right by their once-BFFs while remaining true to themselves.

With a note of appreciation to Google Analytics, the list below reflects the 10 most widely read posts on my blog and provides some sense of the friendship issues---online and off---readers commonly grappled with this year:

1- Needy Friend: A Friend Indeed?

Coping with friends who are needy and draining

2- Achieving Closure After Being Dumped at Work
Handling the emotional aftermath of being dumped by co-workers they have to face each day

3 - Making Friends at 60: I Don't Want To Die Alone

Older women who feel challenged in making and maintaining rewarding friendships

4 - Five Ways to Unload a Toxic Friend

Ending and redefining toxic relationships

5 - Saying No to Friends: An Interview with Dr. Susan Newman
Overcoming the difficulty of saying "no" to friends

6 - Why Are Women So Mean to Each Other?
Encountering mean girls long after middle school

7 - The Awkwardness of Defriending

Dealing with the awkwardness of online and offline defriending

8 - Thoughts on Being Defriended
Ways to avoid being defriended online

9 - How to Handle a Facebook Frenemy
Handling Facebook friends/lurkers who make them feel uncomfortable

10 - My Friend Suddenly Shut Me Out of Her Life

Responding to friends who suddenly shut them out

Thanks for sharing your own friendship stories with me and other readers. I hope this dialogue has made all of us better friends.

If there is some topic you would like to have discussed or questions you have about your own relationship dilemmas, don't hesitate to email The Friendship Doctor.

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