Top 10 Thanksgiving Recipes By Huffington Post Commenters

In a year filled with change, it's nice to see that some things don't: Huffington Post commenters still love to eat. When Nora Ephron once again asked readers what they're cooking this year for Thanksgiving dinner that they didn't cook last year, the recipes came pouring in. We read every single one, and given that we don't have a test kitchen at the Huffington Post, we settled on the ten that made our stomachs growl the most.

And if these recipes don't do it for you, check out last year's Top 10 HuffPost Commenters' Thanksgiving Recipes. Or if you're looking for something with less cream, butter, cheese, bacon, butter--and did we mention cream?--check out our healthy Thanksgiving recipe roundup. Or keep reading the suggestions left on Nora's post--and while you're there, don't forget to share your own.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy eating.

Very Honorable Mentions: