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Top 10 Most Spectacular Drives in the World

This 7-mile ascent up the second tallest summit in the United Arab Emirates was not paved for the faint-of-heart. However, for those who brave the hairpin turns, a desert and limestone panorama awaits from an exhilarating height.
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Whether you're a bona fide globetrotter or would-be wanderluster (if not for that day job!), you'll likely concur that our planet plays host to diverse and picturesque landscapes just waiting to be explored. From coast to coast and hemisphere to hemisphere, these breathtaking sites are virtually limitless.

However, some stand out as the world's most premier destinations. With sweeping vistas, towering peaks and natural wonders, the following scenic routes beckon numerous adventurers, who can enjoy this spectacle from the comfort of their own cars.

A82 Road -- Glencoe, Scotland


This 140-mile jaunt through the Scottish Highlands winds from Loch Lomond to the legendary Loch Ness. While en route, the mountainous terrain, lush countryside and historic landmarks will inspire awe in even the weariest of travelers.

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road -- Al Ain, Abu Dhabi


This 7-mile ascent up the second tallest summit in the United Arab Emirates was not paved for the faint-of-heart. However, for those who brave the hairpin turns, a desert and limestone panorama awaits from an exhilarating height.

Hana Highway -- Maui, Hawaii


This 64-mile stretch along the island's tropical coastline gives new meaning to that adage: "It's the journey, not the destination." Idyllic and unforgettable scenery, from waterfalls to rainforests to the Pacific shore, make this a drive through paradise.

Atlantic Road -- Hustadvika, Norway


This 4-mile ramble into the seafaring backdrop that is quintessential Scandinavia offers arresting views of craggy bluffs, quaint fishing villages and even seals splashing in the fjord. Visitors might believe they've stepped inside an old Norse epic.

Valley of Fire Road -- Overton, Nevada


This 10-mile maze of jaw-dropping red sandstone formations truly feels like entering an inferno. When sunlight reflects off these structures, the result is sheer blazing brilliance. No wonder this byway is a designated National Historic Marker.

Cabot Trail -- Nova Scotia, Canada


This 185-mile loop around the maritime province's northern tip features misty mountain ranges, rugged coastal fringes and sugar maple woodlands. Some of the most remarkable Atlantic Ocean vantage points can be experienced here as well.

Ruta 40 -- Punta Loyola, Argentina


This 3,000-mile escapade covers a vast expanse of Argentine wilderness, including 20 national parks, 18 rivers and 17 Andean passes. Thrill seekers will appreciate the varied topography, "roughing it" conditions and cross-country exposure.

Furka Pass -- Canton of Valais, Switzerland


This 2-mile high journey cresting the Swiss Alps' snow-capped peaks evokes something of a cinematic vignette. James Bond would agree, as the 007 classic Goldfinger was filmed amid this dramatic setting, ideal for breakneck car chases.

Tianmen Mountain Road -- Zhangjiajie, China


This 6-mile trek snakes up the side of its precariously steep namesake, over 3,930 feet in elevation. Also called the "Heaven-Linking Avenue," the roadway aptly delivers out-of-this-world spectacles such as vertical cliffs and eroded caves.

Great Ocean Road -- Victoria, Australia


This 151-mile strip of blacktop meanders along the shoreline between Torquay and Allansford. Celebrated for its undisturbed natural beauty, including the iconic "Twelve Apostles" limestone stacks, travelers will relish this exotic excursion.

Have you crossed any of these memorable driving routes off your own bucket list? Do you have another favorite that we didn't mention? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.