Top 10 NBA Centers

Over the past decade, one of the ongoing trends in the NBA has been a dearth of quality centers. You know the type: more space eater than actual talent or more perimeter drifter than physical presence. With an influx of skilled, young big men however, that trend is beginning to taper off.

Detroit's Greg Monroe is a versatile left-hander who can handle the ball, play in the paint and help direct an offense from the high post as a gifted passer. Memphis center Marc Gasol is of the same breed. Gasol is a true 7-footer who excels both in the paint and away from the basket, because he's so skilled.

While Dwight Howard and Tyson Chandler are often considered the league's premier crop, we cannot forget about Atlanta's Al Horford either. A shade under 6-foot-10, Horford is a tad undersized but makes up for it with a blend of tremendous strength, sheer physicality and a versatile skill set. In the half-court game, Horford -- still just 26 years old -- shoots nearly 52 percent from the floor and has become one of the most reliable and efficient big men in the league.

Let's take a look at the NBA's top 10 centers.

Top Ten NBA Centers

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