Top 10 New Books On My Nightstand as a Business Owner

You would think as an entrepreneur and new parent that I would have no time for reading, but I'm working on catching up with Warren Buffet who reads thousands of pages a day.

While I'm not there yet, I do like to read all types of books in my free time as it helps me relax by helping me disconnect from work so I can get a good night's sleep, and be more creative.

Here's an eclectic mix of new books that are currently on my nightstand - all in various stages of being read:

The title caught my eye because I tend to be a perfectionist and, while there is nothing wrong with that, I've learned that it can also cause a lot of undue stress plus I miss out on enjoying some pretty special moments in life. This book has helped me a lot to prioritize and enjoy what I have rather than always trying to make it better. It's a refreshing, positive read that changes your perspective.

This guy wrote the Wayward Pines trilogy, which I love and now enjoy on television. It's a total page turner with more action than his previous books. Now, I'm hoping that they make this into a television series or maybe even a movie. It has a little science fiction and a whole lot of thriller.

This is a truly unique book that harkens back to the days of my youth with the, "Choose Your Own Adventure," series that, as the reader, you can control the story. The book offers a way for me to decide where the main character should go to find his daughter and has me making critical decisions along the way that lead him to a dead end, death, no information or eventually to the end of the book and an answer for him and for me.

I've enjoyed following the page pathways as well as returning back to a certain point to start down a different path. Cool idea!

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy reading about other people's success, their passions, and what makes them tick so I was instantly drawn to this book because it's motivational to hear all the great stories of these women working in the scientific community.

It's what I imagine for my new baby daughter when she grows up, and the kind of book I plan on sharing with her when she gets older as there are women who have excelled in science, mathematics, engineering and more so she can see the world of opportunity waiting for her without boundaries.

This is another book written by a writer who has penned television shows and other books. In this case, Noah Hawley is behind the television version of "Fargo." However, this book is more of a suspense drama that focuses on the idea of fate and human nature - two concepts that really fascinate me. This book draws you in and I finished it in a matter of few days it was that good!

Now that I'm a parent, I never thought I'd actually pick up a book about parenting but would rather just dive in and go with it. However, a friend had given me this author's other book called "The Conscious Parent," which led me to this new book.

This book focuses on the idea of how to raise kids to be their true selves rather than having them focus on what others want them to be. Sometimes this book gravitates to the other side of the bed as my wife is enjoying reading the perspectives the author provides as well.

The concept of the ego is fascinating to me because there is a need to be confident and take charge but then there is going overboard with confidence where the ego seems to take over.

As a leader, this book has offered many good points about how an ego can get in the way of real success. What I love in this book are all the stories from across history that tie all the authors ideas about the ego together. It's a fascinating read!

Seeing that I live and work in Silicon Valley, this book immediately caught my eye. It has some juicy stories and interesting takes on the various companies, movers and shakers, and industry changes that have evolved over the last few years in my neck of the woods. Whether you are deep into it or just interested in how business seems to tick nowadays, this is a good book to pick up.

This is a real action-packed book that I highly enjoyed because it involves mystery, suspense, the legal system, and reporters that are trying to  get to the truth and get it out there. The story revolves around what is good, bad, and questionable, which I love reading as a diversion from work. This is a quick read but one I could read again.

As a fellow writer in Forbes, I knew I'd want to grab his book immediately as I had read some of the excerpts from essays that have appeared in the magazine previously. It's an inspiring book for existing and new entrepreneurs to learn from and is related to running a business, getting funding, and making those inevitable hard decisions. It's given me a lot of food for thought.

Well, this is the top 10 new books I've discovered. There's plenty more stacking up on my nightstand to crack into next. In the meantime, be sure to check out these 10 great reads that are all available on Amazon right now!