Top 10 Reason I Love the Man Behind Vivian

In November of 2013, I wrote an article titled "10 Reasons to Love the Man Behind the Queen." As you can guess I listed what I felt were the top 10 reasons why everyone should love a drag queen. It goes without saying those reasons were based on Vivian. I simply generalized them a bit so they would apply to the majority of drag queens.

As much as Vivian inspires the diary and the pieces I write, Jeff, the man behind Vivian, inspires me even more. Some of you may find that difficult to believe considering how big of a personality Vivian is. Trust me though, without Jeff, Vivian could not be who she is. This got me thinking what are the top 10 reasons I love Jeff? The reasons I love him are too many to count, but I'm trying to be cute here and tie this to the original post. So let's get on to the countdown.

10. He isn't a ginger... lol. This is a little inside joke I like to share about Jeff. When I first noticed Jeff, the lighting wasn't very good and I honestly thought he was a redhead and I have a thing for redheads. It wasn't until I approached him that I realized he wasn't a ginger but damn he was still sexy so I wasn't going to let him not having red hair stop me from getting to know him. So reason #10: I love him because even though he isn't a ginger he is still SEXY AS HELL!

9. His heart. Jeff has the biggest heart of any person I have ever met in my entire life. There seems to be no limit to the amount of love in his heart. Even when others disappoint him or even hurt him, he continues to give them the benefit of the doubt and loves them anyway. I have never before met a person like him.

8. His self confidence. Bad, good or indifferent, Jeff knows who he is and will not allow others or situations compromise that. He is a man of principles and nothing that happens will make him turn away from those principles. Sometimes I find this frustrating. However, I find it extremely attractive and refreshing to be in love with someone like this.

7. His outlook on life. The way Jeff sees the world amazes me. No matter how bad something is he can always see the positive. He sees the positive aspects of any situation, turns complete focus on it and can use it to turn any situation around. I strive to be more like this every day.

6. His sense of humor. I tease Jeff that he is not funny, but really he is. He can always make me laugh. I can't imagine my life without his jokes or his laughter. His laugh is filled with joy and when I hear it I know everything is right in the world.

5. His devotion. Our time together has not always been easy, but during these eleven years I've learned that Jeff is devoted to our 4-legged furry boys, my family and me. It is this knowledge that gets me through any rough times. There is nothing he wouldn't do for our family.

4. He is my biggest supporter. Jeff is always there cheering me on and giving me the support I need, even if I think I don't need it. Whether it is sports, work, my relationship with my family, school or any of the thousands of dreams I have, he never waivers in his support.

3. He makes me feel safe. Through his devotion and support I always feel safe. I know as long as we stand by each other that there is nothing we cannot accomplish and everything we do will turn out right no matter how much turmoil is around us at the time.

2. He is my light. My life before Jeff was extremely dark. I had lost my way. Because of Jeff, the darkness has been illuminated and I have a path to follow. This path, along which Jeff and I walk, is surrounded by love and happiness.

1. He makes me a better person. As amazing as Jeff is, the biggest reason I love him is not because of who he is, but who I am when I am with him. Jeff loves me for who I am and who he knows I will become. Everyday I strive to see me how Jeff sees me. He is my biggest inspiration in life.

As I already stated, there are significantly more than ten reasons I love Jeff. This list is simply the top ten today as to why I love Jeff.

This post originally appeard on Diary of a Drag Queen's Husband.