Top 10 Tips For Creating A Successful Online Profile

Traditionally, in January we clean up our acts. Whether it's organizing closets, basements, offices or our files, we use this time to regroup for the year ahead. Why not also use this time to clean up your online profile? If you are recently divorced, use this as your jumping off point for getting back in to the dating world by signing up with an online dating site. We spoke to countless women who met their husbands online and we want to share their insights and advice for creating a successful online profile. Here are The Garter Brides Top Ten Tips for making your online dating a success!

  • The truth will set you free. Rounding up or down your age, weight or height is not approximating, it's lying. Tell the truth! You wouldn't want to find out someone lied to you when you meet him or her.
  • Have a friend help you create your profile. We all know how difficult it is to describe your successes and credentials when writing your resume and it can be the same when writing your profile. If you haven't been "out there" for a long time, it's easier and more fun when someone helps.
  • Tastefully sexy is the way to go with your online photo -- a little cleavage is OK, but don't take it too far. You want to be attractive, not trashy.
  • Post at least two or three photos -- one full length. If you have a dog or cat, include them in one of the photos. It's an instant ice breaker. It gives the man an opportunity to say "I see you're a dog lover -- I have a golden. " And it can go from there.
  • Edit! Don't make your profile too long -- read it to a friend. If someone who already loves you and thinks you're terrific is glazing over, then you know it's too long.
  • Create visual descriptions -- Rather than writing "I like to laugh," write, "I love watching The Hangover and laughing 'till I cry," or substitute "I like adventure" with "I've recently taken flying lessons." Here's one more... instead of writing, "I'm physically fit," substitute with, "I play competitive tennis." Create an attractive visual rather than a fact sheet.
  • Definitely say that you have children. Letting a prospective match know that family is important to you is, well, important.
  • If you've been divorced say so -- but, no trashing your ex!
  • Be specific about what you want. One woman we spoke to didn't want to meet a man who hadn't been married before. She felt that men who had never been married had issues that went deeper than men who had been divorced.
  • Use correct grammar and spell check! It shows that you're not careless and are serious. Yes, the little things count.

We understand that many women are reluctant to create an online profile, but the Garter Brides suggest you do it. One of our brides tells this story of how she became a Garter Bride. She met her husband on -- her younger brother didn't think she was doing enough to meet men. She told him that she had explored online dating. Well, truth was, she hadn't set up a profile. She felt bad about this and opened a profile. Her future husband was the first match that came up! Remember, one date can change your life.

Have fun and remember it's never too late to have the life you want! Happy New Year from the Garter Brides.

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, Patricia Lampl and Tish Rabe are the authors of Love for Grown-ups: The Garter Brides' Guide to Marrying for Life When You've Already Got a Life, a relationship guide for women over 35 on how to find Mr. Right, marry and find life-long happiness. The Garter Brides are a sisterhood of women who got married later in life and wore the same garter at their weddings! They offer tried and true advice on how to have the love and life you want.