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Top 10 Ways to Donate to the Relief Efforts in Haiti

We know you've got your hands full on the homefront and weeding through the legitimate organizations can leave you with less time to pull out your wallet. Here are some of the top spots to send your support.
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Your kids have been home for three long days (oh joy, a school holiday two plus weeks into the new year) or your baby didn't sleep through the night or you've got to repeat for the hundredth time that there's no texting at the table! You could feel sorry for yourself (we get it) or you could feel better remembering that these are teeny-tiny issues compared to those of the moms, kids, and others contending with the devastation in Haiti.

And you could feel even better by helping out. There are a slew of relief organizations sending aid to Haiti, and your donation, no matter the sum, will make a difference. (Agencies are requesting cash rather than goods so they can buy items that are immediately needed.) We know you've got your hands full on the homefront and weeding through the legitimate organizations can leave you with less time (and patience) to pull out your wallet. Here, some of the top spots -- scoped for credibility, using tools such as and more -- to send your support:

1. Take a cue from your tween/teen (and all the tweets on Twitter) and text a $10 donation to the American Red Cross by texting HAITI to 90999. You'll be charged on your next phone bill. Of course, if you're still stuck in pre-smart phone days, you can also donate to the Red Cross International Response Fund.

2. You can also text HAITI to 25383 to make a $5 donation to the International Rescue Committee. Expect the charge on your next cell bill.

3. President Obama has enlisted the help of former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to head up private fundraising for Haiti. To make a $10 donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund either text QUAKE to 20222 (your next cell bill will be charged), go online, or mail to The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, c/o William J. Clinton Foundation, Donations Department, 610 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72201.

4. Visit UNICEF's (mandated by the UN to protect children worldwide) website -- they are waiving all administrative costs so that 100 percent of donations support relief efforts -- or call 800-367-5437.

5. AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief organization that delivers medicine and medical supplies to victims. Donate online or over the phone at 800-486-HELP.

6. Doctors Without Borders is using donations to its Haiti fund to repair hospitals and to send doctors and supplies to set up and run temporary emergency centers.

7. ShelterBox helps displaced families set up temporary shelter by sending kits including tents, insulated sleeping mats, blankets, water purification kits, water containers/carriers, a multi-fueled cook stove, eating utensils and plates, and a children's activity kit. Donate online or call 941-907-6036.

8. So families have a permanent place of their own again, Habitat for Humanity will be in Haiti helping with recovery and rebuilding. Donate online or call 800-HABITAT.

9. The American Jewish World Service specializes in organizing efforts to remote locations by coordinating volunteers for relief and aid, working with local organizations, providing immediate relief for psychological and social issues, education and disease prevention. Visit their site or call 800-889-7146.

10. Clean water is a scarce commodity in Haiti right now -- World Water Relief will use donated funds to install water filtration systems.