Top 10 Ways to Make Organic More Sexy

On Friday, I wrote about the controversy over whether organic is sexy or not. Today, I am going to share some ideas on how to ramp up the sexy quotient of the whole industry, so that even farmers in Nebraska will want to climb on our tractor! Which leads me to my first idea:

1. Make it big. For some reason, size does matter, and the bigger, the sexier. Think giant tractors, the Ford 150 (what the hell is a Hemi, anyway?) and big hacking SUVs. Is it the vibration? (I can find a solution for that, guys!) Or is it just that when something is so big, you can't miss it? I once heard from a researcher that people like big things because they make them feel safe. Apparently, safe is sexy.

2. Make it red. In my previous post, I wrote about how red is very appealing to guys. But I think women find it sexy too; otherwise, they wouldn't waste time, toxins, and money painting their nails red (would they?). Red packaging, red clothing, red accessories...hotness!

3. Make it soft. Sexy is soft against the skin; that's what I think, anyway. Which means organic has a lot in its favor, since organic cotton is much, much softer than regular cotton. Play it up! Make it look good!

4. Ramp up the design element, puuuullllleeeeaaassssseee! Good design is totally sexy. And I am not a hippie! OK, I'm not a normal woman either, but I am not a hippie. Frank Geary's buildings are sexy. Manolo Blahnik shoes are sexy--even the flat ones. Agent Provocateur lingerie is sexy. Art is sexy, in general. We can apply those same principles to anything organic.

5. Let's get musicians to come out in favor of organic. The sexy ones like Keith Urban, Justin Bieber (could you imagine?!), Jason Aldean, Lee Ann Womack! (Now, she is sexy.) Insert your favorite musicians here and then track them down and get them to support organic. Personally, I think musicians are much hotter than actors. Musicians radiate authenticity. Which is what organic is all about.

6. Upgrade the look of the packaging. Most organic food packaging still feels like it's healthy hippie food (see #4). I buy a lot of organic foods IN SPITE OF the packaging, not because of it. And yet, if I'm walking down a supermarket aisle, my eye is always drawn to the really cool, beautifully packaged products. I have to override my desire for them in favor of organic. Why should I have to?

7. Make it taste awesome and decadent. Here is the dirty secret of America: Food has replaced sex in many people's lives. Food is the only place they feel acceptable receiving sensual pleasure. And many of our lives are often bereft of true intimacy and sexual satisfaction, so we turn to food. I'm not saying that's right or a good thing (in fact, in my own life, I'm trying to turn that around). But in the meantime, we need to realize that it's still the case for many people, and it's OK to offer people sexy food pleasure.

8. Be confident, not apologetic. Confidence is totally hot. We all are drawn to the people in the room who radiate strength, confidence, and charisma (which is another word for sexiness). This is why women love cowboys (and so do horses). Too often, the organic community is defensive, apologetic, argumentative, and downright boring.... Not good foreplay! No one with those characteristics is ever going to be a hero or heroine in a romance novel. Which brings me to the next one:

9. Embrace romance! If you believe the mainstream media, here is what you will find: Women don't want sex. Republican men say they don't want sex--until they are caught doing it really naughtily. The American man suffers from erectile dysfunction. And children mysteriously appear out of test tubes or from mysterious surrogate mothers. Yet, women all over the world are devouring highly erotic and sexual romance novels, while men all over the world (especially in repressed countries) are devouring Internet porn. Let's lift the lid on all this sex and romance and bring it out in the open so people can really get it on together, rather than hiding it in secret. This is a major opportunity for the organics industry, if you ask me. I'm not sure exactly how, but we'll figure it out if we stop hiding it and start talking about it.

10. Have fun. Almost as good as sex is laughter. We as a community take ourselves and our products way too seriously. I think there must be lots of ways we can tap into our hearts and humor to make our points more palatable and less threatening and scary to people. After all, the best sex and the sexiest moments always happen in a RELATIONSHIP with someone--hopefully, with some love involved. Relationships happen in the heart, not the head, and I don't know about you, but for me, having fun is essential.

So, what did I miss? Do you have any more ideas on how to make organic more sexy? I'd LOVE to hear them.

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