Top 10 Wedding Myths Busted

Keep these myths in mind as you start your planning process to avoid some of the challenges the brides who've gone before you have had.
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So, it's really happening! You've got a ring on your finger, you've picked a date and you're starting the process of planning your wedding. Stop right there. My team of professional wedding planners and I would like to share with you our top 10 list of wedding myths that we have busted throughout the years while planning and executing thousands of our clients weddings. Keep these myths in mind as you start your planning process to avoid some of the challenges the brides who've gone before you have had.

1. Flowers come in every color of the rainbow and/or I can get what I find on Google Images. Remember, photos that you see in magazines or posted on the Internet may be styled for the moment in time when the photo is taken. Lighting and Photoshop can drastically change the way flowers, linens and gowns look. If you find, for example, a bride's bouquet with blue roses, chances are that the only way to duplicate it is to tint the flowers (the tint can bleed onto your gown), or use silk.

2. I can drop five dress sizes before the wedding day. I have worked with many brides who aspire to lose weight before the wedding day. Some brides succeed, but the vast majority make themselves crazy by following fad diets and ultimately, they don't drop much weight. Don't cause yourself unnecessary stress. Purchase a beautiful gown in the proper size and work on making yourself a healthy bride, not a skinny bride.

3. Everything will be perfect on the wedding day. Many movies and television shows portray weddings as perfect days. No zits, nor hair out of place, perfectly choreographed first dances, stunning décor, and happy, happy guests. Many of these things will happen, but expect something unexpected and undesired. Don't sweat it and enjoy your wedding day.

4. Wedding vendors can control the weather. By far the biggest disappointment we see with our brides is when the weather doesn't work out. You must always have a backup plan if your wedding is to take place outside. If you don't think you can handle losing your plan A, plan to have your wedding inside.

5. Vendors should be willing to offer me great deals regardless of my wedding date (consider brides getting married on prime Saturdays, for example). Yes, the economy is still a little rough, but wedding vendors are getting enough work so that they don't have to give away the store, especially during prime booking times. There is nothing wrong with asking for a deal, but don't expect 50 percent off.

6. I can have a ceremony and formal catered reception for 200 people for $5,000. While it may not be impossible to have such an inexpensive wedding if you beg, borrow and steal, if you want professional photos, cocktails, dinner, music for dancing, invitations and all of the other niceties that you think of when it comes to a wedding, you are going to have to spend more.

7. I don't need to hire a professional. My mom/dad/aunt/uncle/cousin can do that for me. That may work for some things, (maybe), but anything that is truly important to you should be left to professionals. Great photos take more than an expensive camera; great food for lots of people takes careful planning and a lot of work to get it done. Save your friends and family the stress and let them enjoy the wedding day.

8. I can have a priest perform my ceremony outside of a church. Catholic priests are not allowed to perform ceremonies outside of the church and many members of the clergy choose not to perform weddings outside if their houses of worship.

9. The ceremony is only 15 minutes long, so I shouldn't have to pay much for the site fee. Regardless of how long you plan for your ceremony to take, you will be reserving a space exclusively for your use. Sometimes you can get the space rental fee thrown in with your food and beverage purchase, but very often you will have to pay something in order to host your ceremony.

10. Paying for labor and installation on decorations isn't necessary. My venue/coordinator/mom can install them. Most venues have restrictions on how things can be hung and installed in their location. Furthermore, the venue's insurance most likely won't cover injuries sustained from you standing on a ladder, so your venue will forbid you to do the installation yourself.

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