Top 10 Weird News Stories 2013

Top 10 Weird News Stories 2013

A certain part of the male anatomy figures prominently in the Top 10 Weird News Stories of 2013 -- and if you can't guess what body part that is you clearly don't live on planet Earth.

Let's just say man's best friend often lets him down. We're not saying plenty of women didn't embarrass themselves into our Weird News Top 10, but they were once again vastly outnumbered.

Indeed, 2013 might be the Year of the Snake, according to the Chinese calendar. But to HuffPost Weird News, it's the Year of the Penis.

Penis-Shaped Church
Google Earth
God is in everything, even the design of the Christian Science Dixon Church in Illinois. “We didn’t design it to be seen from above,” church officer Scott Shepherd told the media.Amid public debate, church officials decided not to alter the church's shape. It was designed that way for a very good reason -- to preserve the life of a tree, seen in this picture. In a related story, the Church by the Sea in Maderia Beach, Fla., had no explanation why its house of worship was shaped undeniably like a chicken. (Read More)
The Jesus Dog Butt
Believers are always looking for a sign, and we at HuffPost Weird News see them everywhere -- even in shower mold.The Dog Butt Jesus, however, caused more than a bit of controversy, making some of us long for the days when the Virgin Mary appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich (that sold for $28,000) and a cinnamon bun shaped like Mother Theresa was put under glass in a doughnut shop. Indeed, the "Nun Bun" was an "Immaculate Confection." The Dog Butt Jesus riled up many readers. (Read More)
Man Erects Middle Finger Salute To Ex-Wife
When love ends, it never ends well. Alan Markovitz bought a home in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., next to his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, and he proceeded to build this 12-foot bronze statue of a middle finger. "I'm so over her," he told Deadline Detroit. "This is about him. This is about him not being a man." Markovitz paid $7,000 for this work of art. Certainly, he could have spent less on aggressive therapy and medication. (Read More)
Clown Terrorizes Town Just By Standing Around
Some men try very hard to be creepy, and some don't have to try very hard at all. This anonymous joker made a big name for himself in Northampton, U.K., just by standing around. He would later say on his Facebook page, "Too much hate, not enough love."(Read More)
Woman Aims To Have Sex With 10,000 Men
A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step, or so the saying goes. Ania Lisewska of Poland aims to put a new twist on that Chinese proverb. The Warsaw woman made waves this summer by aiming to be recognized by Guinness World Records as the first woman to have sex with 10,000 men. She was at No. 284 when we spoke to her. A website documenting her endeavors in late November listed her now at 450 men, so she's got a lot of work ahead of her. Guinness confirmed to us that they don't keep such filthy records, but it's good to have a goal in life. (Read More)
Porn Stars Without Makeup
Melissa Murphy
We owe makeup artist Melissa Murphy a basket of flowers, a big order from Omaha Steaks and probably one or two more holiday gifts. Her amazing before-and-after photo series was absolutely one of the most clicky things we've ever published. The moral here: Porn stars look a lot like the rest of us in real life, but they clean up nicely with a beauty pro like Murphy. And, of course, the other life lesson: America's obsession with sex and beauty is bottomless (and that helps our bottom line). (Read More)
Fork In Penis, Eel In Rectum
If not for the disturbing x-ray photos and medical journal articles, we'd be tempted not to believe that an Australian man stuck a fork in his penis to "achieve sexual gratification" -- or that a Chinese man had an eel in his colon because he saw something like that in a porn movie. Both men were successfully treated and now have to live with a lifetime of explaining themselves. (Read More Fork In Penis)(Eel In Rectum)
The $780,000 Virgin Says She Hasn't Lost Her Virginity
When a 21-year-old woman became an Internet sensation for putting her virginity up for auction, you probably could have guessed that the whole fiasco would end in more than a bit of legal scrutiny.But would you have guessed that our virgin -- Catarina Migliorini -- claims she is still a virgin?Migliorini says she never had sex with the Japanese man who supposedly won the contest with a $780,000 bid. By the end of the year, she was attempting to do the whole thing over again. The latest bid, $480,000. All we can say for sure is that she's no virgin at Internet auctions. (Read More)
The 6-Inch Alien's Checkered Past
Ripley Entertainment
UFO researchers around the world held their collective breath this year as DNA tests were conducted on the remains of a 6-inch humanoid found 10 years ago in Chile. With the results set to be announced in a documentary, HuffPost reporter Lee Speigel found that the figure -- nicknamed "Ata" -- looked oddly like one of Robert Ripley's favorite Believe-It-Or-Not attractions, "Atta Boy." We still can't say whether the figure on the left is the skeletal remains of a short-yet-technologically-advanced creature, but our source at Ripley's thinks otherwise. (Read More)
Man Loses Life Savings, Wins Banana With Dreadlocks
Henry Gribbohm of Epsom, N.H., complained to police after he lost $2,600 -- all his savings -- at a "Tubs of Fun" carnival game. Gribbohm won a Rasta banana plush toy, but he was expecting a lot more. "They explained to me I was going to get all my money back," Gribbohm told WMUR, "I was going to get an Xbox Kinect . . . They lied to me." Better luck next year. (Read More)

With 2014. Happy New Year from HuffPost Weird News.

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