The 'Top 100 First World Problems' According to Scooter Magruder (VIDEO)

The Top 100 'First World Problems'

The U.S. is a land of excess. From the slew of personal Apple products, to home theaters, to Starbucks on every corner, and, of course, to the wide world of internet memes. It only seems reasonable that an internet meme directed at mocking that excess would arise. Enter the phrase and subsequent memes, "First World Problems."

First world problems are not legitimate problems, but the minuscule annoyances that occur on a day-to-day basis in well-off, developed countries. Low cell phone battery? #firstworldproblems. Your hot water takes a while to get hot? #firstworldproblems.The most recent addition to the satire is "Top 100 First World Problems" from internet meme maker, Scooter Magruder. Magruder joins the ranks of many self-made YouTube star hopefuls like Jenna Marbles and Epic Meal Time.

His quick delivery and comedic hubris seems to be paying off, with more than 81,000 on his video "Stuff Parents Say," inspired by the meme "Shit Girls Say." 9,000 people have already watched "Top 100 First World Problems" in the 24 hours it has been on YouTube.

Among the usual first world problems like "You can't find the remote" are hilarious gems including; "Annoying Group Texts," "You forgot to turn your phone on silent before you went to sleep," and "Girl Scouts ran out of Thin Mints."

Watch "Top 100 First World Problems" below:

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