Top 101 Car-Free Getaways Near NYC

If you can't make the weekends longer, strive to make them better. Sitting behind the wheel in traffic, worrying about directions, carbon emissions and where to fill up, is not the best way to start a relaxing city break. You're a New Yorker, you stress enough during the week.

Step onto a train and zoom 100mph away from here. Hop a bus to the beach and let someone else deal with the hassles of driving. Board a ferry and watch Manhattan get smaller and smaller. Ride off on a bike, across a bridge to a car-free road lined by waterfalls and river views. Let the journey be just as rewarding as the destination for a change.

Here are offMetro's top 101 car-free getaways near NYC.

The Best Day Trips

The Best Weekend Getaways

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