Top 15 Websites To Cure Your Boredom

Top 15 Websites To Cure Your Boredom
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As spring break begins for some, many people will be going on vacation and experiencing the world. However, for many of us, it is a chance to relax and not move from our beds for about a week.

Here are some of the weirdest and funniest websites I found to visit if you are bored or just need a good laugh.

1. This website will randomly google phrases every few seconds, resulting in a hilarious search history. This is definitely a website to go to on a friend's computer. Disclaimer: This will in fact ruin your search history.

2. This website is dedicated to posts that made people want to say "F- my life" (hence the name). Not only are a lot of the posts hilarious, you can also get involved by reacting to a post. It is one of my favorite websites for sure!

3. This website is exactly what it sounds like: A bunch of pictures of people in WalMart who look a bit... odd. As someone who worked at a WalMart, I can confirm that these people do exist and that it will never stop being funny.

4. This website is one of my personal favorites. People use the site to share family photos that are so awkward and embarrassing that you can't help but laugh.

5. This website focuses on examples of flawed English, whether it be an actual mistake or an error in the translating process. It's pretty funny to see all of the mistakes on signs, clothing, tattoos, menus, and so much more.

6. This website is, well, the nicest place on the internet and gives a whole new perspective on "virtual hugs". The website is literally several videos of random people trying to give you hugs. It's a nice gesture, but honestly it gets kind of creepy.

7. This website is one of my favorites because it can be extremely entertaining. Simply move your pointer somewhere on the page and leave it there until a picture appears, and then repeat! It's definitely something interesting to do when you are bored out of your mind.

8. I don't know who made this, or why, but it is seriously very fun to watch. Sit back, relax and watch some animated dogs run to some peppy music.

9. This website has one link that will randomly direct you to a page on Amazon. The purpose of the website is to "sell me something weird or confusing". The objects it linked me to included a "Purrfect DVD- Cat Entertainment Video," "Gift of Nothing," and "Bacon shaped Adhesive Bandages". Not only is it entertaining, it is extremely weird and leaves you wondering why some of these items are actually for sale.

10. This is the "Passive Aggressive Password Machine". Type in a password and it will grade you/insult you based on what you've entered. This is in fact, very passive aggressive. The best response I managed to get was "That'll do pig, that'll do".

11. Have you ever wanted to travel the world without leaving your bedroom? Well, now you can! (Kinda...) This website can randomly take you to a random street view anywhere in the world. It's actually very interesting and you can see far away places in the world.

12. This website is pretty odd. It continues to zoom in on an image and it looks very interesting. If you are really bored, it's something "trippy" to watch.

13. This website lets you draw a stickman and help them survive/fuel the story. It's very interesting and its fun to see your art (no matter how good or bad) come to life and try to save lives. I did episodes one and two, and I would recommend them. They are both very entertaining.

14. This website lets you type your feelings and "scream them into the void". I found it more entertaining than therapeutic, but it is fun to watch your feelings or complaints be screamed away into a void.

15. Lastly, we have the useless web. This is exactly what it sounds like, and it can make a list of weird websites all on its own. It can be pretty entertaining and can help you find the strangest websites that you had no idea existed. This website is a great way to cure your boredom.

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