Top 3 Dog Trackers on the Market

Top 3 Dog Trackers on the Market
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With today’s technology, you can locate your dog or cat with a click of a button. Whether they are in your neighbors lawn or across town. You will never have to worry. But there are down sides to these trackers, with problems like reliability, battery life, and comfort for your pet. Were gonna be reviewing our top 3 favorite dog trackers

Tractive 129.99 ON SALE

Tractive is by far my favorite.It offers a very slim design and it seems comfortable and not too bulky. It only weighs 35 grams and is waterproof. So if your pooch decides to cool off in the summer hot weather. your Tractive device is safe! it offers real time tracking. Not only that but you can set up a virtual fence. If your dog leaves the zone. You would be notified immediately. And last but not least; it offers a very cheap monthly cost of only $3.75 per month.


Pet Foru $229

Pet Foru is a great device too. The biggest downside is that it requires a GSM card. It is a little bulkier then the previous features a 1000mah battery and has the same virtual fence feature as the previous tracker. The cost is $229 which is quite costly. It also features a web tracking platform that can be used on any ios, android, or computer.

GPS Dog Tracker $149

This one was probably my least favorite.Mainly because of the thickness and every once in awhile its servers would go down. Now thats not a big deal because if your dog goes missing, the chances of the servers being down are somewhat slim. Also another thing i didnt like is the plasticy band. The best upside is theres no monthly fee. But if you ask me, i wouldent skimp out on something that could potentially save my dogs life

There you have it. Our top 3 favorite pet trackers. If you had to choose one, it would be the Tractive tracker. Its all around good and not to costly. To learn more about it, click here.

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