Top 3 Myths About Green Cleaning

Myth #1: Green cleaning products do not work.

Truth: While this may have been true about twenty years ago, in the past ten years green cleaning products have improved dramatically. In fact, the products have changed so much that facility managers find there are now green cleaning solutions that work just as well – if not better – than traditional cleaning products.

Myth #2: Green cleaning products cost more.

Truth: Since every major manufacturer in the professional cleaning industry has embraced green cleaning, green cleaning products have become very cost competitive. Additionally, with the advent of dilution systems, green products are so concentrated that they last longer and go further, resulting in additional cost savings. Lastly, facilities report work productivity goes up and absenteeism goes down when green cleaning products are used, which also represents significant cost savings.

Myth #3: It is difficult to know if a green cleaning product truly is green.

Truth: As we have discussed previously, there are reliable certification organizations that can attest to whether or not a product has passed the necessary criteria to be considered green.  When purchasing green products, look for certification labels on the product from such organizations as Green Seal, EcoLogo, or Design for the Environment (DfE).

Green Cleaning is complete system encompassing all of the equipment used, in addition to the chemicals, as we have also discussed previously. For example, switching to a high-filtration vacuum cleaner is a part of a green cleaning program, as is utilizing a carpet extractor or floor machine that uses less product and water. Facility directors and property managers are best served by staying on top of trends as green cleaning continues to evolve. New products, methodology, and new ways to make facilities greener and healthier are continually being created.

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