Top 5 Beautiful and Stylish Thanksgiving Tablescape Decor Ideas

Fall has finally arrived, so now is the time to start preparing for Thanksgiving day. You’ll soon find yourself busy with putting together a dinner menu and confirming who’s all coming over. At Decor Aid, we know how stressful the holiday season can get, especially for those planning it. So if you realize you haven't a clue on how to decorate your table this year, our interior designers are here to inspire you for your holiday home decor project. From what utensils you’ll use to seating arrangements, our senior designers share five home decor ideas that will help you create a beautiful and stylish Thanksgiving tablescape.

Traditional Tablecloths

If you’ve decided to go with a more traditional Thanksgiving decoration theme this year, you’ll want to make sure you start with the tablecloth.  A traditional Thanksgiving decor theme means you should go with a crisp, pristine, white tablecloth for your dining table. Skip the tablecloth altogether and opt for a sleek table runner and you will have a contemporary take on this traditional decor idea. Planning on hosting a lot of kids this Thanksgiving? A creative Thanksgiving decorating idea from our senior interior designers is to cover your kids table with kraft paper and markers. The kids will love this and will stay entertained the whole night.

Fall Centerpieces

A Thanksgiving table setting wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous centerpiece. An affordable, luxury decorating idea is to reuse things you have laying around such as pumpkins or gourds. If your October pumpkins are still good, painting them in a fall color like red, gold, or even white will make them great centerpieces. No matter what you decide to use as your table’s centerpiece, it’s good to use something that will break the ice and get people talking. Decor Aid designers discourage placing guest directly in front of the centerpieces, this way no one is blocked off from the Thanksgiving dinner conversation.

Rosey Flatware

Thanksgiving day is a holiday that seems to bring a lot of warmth into your home. To contrast the more traditional pieces you plan on having set on your table, our interior designers recommend sourcing rose gold flatware. The rose gold will bring warmth and glamour to your tablescape, yet won’t clash with any existing pieces. Break out your best china if you want to stick with flatware already at home. This will help make the holiday and the dinner feel extra special. Polishing flatware and sharpening knives is a great Thanksgiving decor project you’ll want to do on the days leading up to the big dinner. This will ensure no one has to wait around for the turkey to get carved.

Charger Plates

Placemats can be a great addition to any tablescape, however charger plates can be just as great and will add a touch of class and luxury to any dining room to tablescape. Going with a white charger plate is definitely a great choice, yet going with gold charger plates adds color, contrast and glamour. An affordable Thanksgiving decorating idea is buying clear acrylic plates and spray painting them gold or silver, just remember they are not meant to eat off of. Charger plates will be a must if you know you won’t be going with a traditional tablecloth yet are still looking for a traditional tablescape.

Personal Placecards

Though not mandatory, seating arrangements can be very helpful when getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner party. Planning out the seating and ensuring that no opposing views will conflict can be daunting, but that's where place cards come in. Using Place cards will be the fun aspect of your seating arrangement. Decor Aid designers suggest making your own place cards to make them unique and personal. Using photos of each guest as their place card will help create a more intimate dinner setting.  if you don’t have a photo of each, autumn leaves as placeholders is a great seasonal substitute.

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