The Internet's Top 5 Challenges In The Next 5 Years: IADAS

Vinton Cerf, Biz Stone, John Battelle, and Martha Stewart number among the 750 members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), which judges the annual Webby Awards.

These Academy members have drawn up a list that highlights the major challenges facing the Internet and encourages policymakers, businesses, and advocates to embrace these challenges as a call to action.

As the Internet enters its fourth decade, the IADAS believes the next five years must see improvements in privacy protection, copyright law, net neutrality, the open web and Internet security.

Take a look through our slideshow (below) explaining each of these challenges, their implications, and directions that some have already taken on the road to constructive solutions that promote a vibrant Web. Vote for the issue you find the most pressing, and share your thoughts for creative solutions in the comments.

Protecting Privacy

Webby List Of Top Challenges Facing The Internet