The Top 5 Home Decor Trends For Spring 2018, According To Etsy

And creative ways to try them in your own home.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a mansion or a tiny studio, there’s one thing every well-designed home has: personality.

Fortunately, Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, shared her expertise on what the biggest home decor trends will be this spring, and we’re SO behind them. (Hint: Get ready for lots of go-with-the-flow designs that’ll let you show your true personality).

Plus, the best part about cleaning and refreshing your home for spring is making space for beautiful finds and incorporating new trends into your (now) clutter-free space. Don’t you agree?

Take a look below at the five home decor trends you can expect to see everywhere this spring, according to Etsy:

Face It
Last year, we saw plenty of eye and hand motifs decorating everything from pillows and rugs to wall art. "This year, Etsy sellers are doubling down on the trend and zooming out to include full faces in their designs," Johnson says. Searches for "faces" on the site are up 38 percent compared to 2017.

Clockwise: Face To Face Illustration, $23; Face Throw Pillow, $45; Face Ceramic Plate, $29; Turquoise Green Tripod Planter, $81.
Whimsical Industrial
The wood-and-steel industrial home decor trend has withstood the test of time, and for good reason. It's easy to mix-and-match, durable and practical. The industrial decor of today is more whimsical and less masculine. "Today’s industrial decor employs smooth curves, pale hues, and artfully angled legs to bring lightness to these durable materials," Johnson says.

Clockwise:Concrete "Cherry" Table Lamp, $58; Ecru Concrete Seat Camp Stool, $200; 8" Spun Aluminum Planter, $80.
Confetti-Like Terrazzo
Terrazzo is the pattern you've seen popping up everywhere, but didn't know the name of. The pattern is a fun way to add pops of color and print into teeny, tiny, unexpected places. "Today’s terrazzo stretches beyond the familiar flooring and countertop finishes," Johnson says, "Etsy sellers are incorporating patterns inspired by the confetti-like composite into ceramics, pillows, and even wallpaper." Searches for "terrazzo" on the site are up by 250 percent this year compared to 2017.

Clockwise:Vases Illustration, $23; Terrazzo Pink Bamboo Plate, $11; Terrazzo Weekly Planner Notebook Stationery, $13; Terrazzo Tile Stickers (set of 4), $8.
Mindfulness Over Matter
Mindfulness purchases for the home has been a growing home trend for a while now, especially as people realize the importance of self-care within their own spaces. "On Etsy, we’ve already seen an increase in searches for incense holders, meditation poufs, and essential oils this year, proving that there are many paths to a balanced home that soothe all your senses," Johnson says.

Clockwise:Leather Meditation Cushion, $100; RUNDA Concrete Incense Holders, $23; Lavender Gold Travel Soy Candle, $14; Rose Quartz Chakra Room Mist, $20.
Trend To Watch: The Liquid Effect
The "liquid effect" is the newest home trend to watch for, and you heard it from the experts at Etsy first. "Imagine finding the most beautiful agate stone in the world, melting it, and then slowly swirling a watercolor brush through the pooling colors," Johnson says. That's a spot-on way to describe the go-with-the-flow trend that'll be popping everywhere from ceramics to wall art throughout the year.

Clockwise:Oval Concrete Tray, $45; Round concrete Clock, $103; Marbled Wood Trivet, $32.

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