Top 5 Medical Billing Companies In The USA

<em>Top Medical Billing Companies USA </em>
Top Medical Billing Companies USA

Various factors determine the ranking of a billing company. Today medical billing management is more than a simple handling of codes and transcriptions. Medical billing companies are required to manage practice management tools, front office data, claim scrubbing and processing, scheduling and managing all those tasks that can affect revenues of a health care provider. Keeping in view, we have compiled a set of top medical billing companies of the USA which are capable of serving its clients with a comprehensive suite of integrated medical billing solutions.

1. SybridMD

SybridMD is rated #1 on our list of top medical billing companies in the USA. Known for its efficient and productive revenue maximizing services, SybridMD takes into consideration every day rising needs for effective management of medical billing processes for physician practices and healthcare providers. SybridMD incorporates sophisticated and advanced medical billing tools to deliver high-quality services to its clients. It is rated top on our list due to various factors. The company offers more than a simple medical billing solution to its clients. Unlike its peers who are limited to medical billing only, SybridMD provides an integrated suite of services ranging from front office management, credentialing and medical transcription as well.

With the help of its certified medical billing team, SybridMD helps physician practices streamline their billing by eliminating errors, simplifying workflows, reducing data entry errors, perfecting the codes and most importantly submitting clean claims. All the services are HIPAA compliant, and the specialized medical billing services are bundled with weekly reporting of accounts receivable.

2. Athenahealth

Relying on in-house medical billing services can cause a considerable reduction in your finance thereby leading to a noticeable drop in your revenue cycle. This is for the reason that, tasks related to medical billings are often arduous and can be too much time-consuming. Besides, they demand proper expertise and experience be done appropriately. On the contrary, outsourcing medical billing services can give your business a competitive edge and free you from the arduous task of record keeping so that you can pay more heed to the treatment of the patients and other clinical tasks. The athenahealth billing service is one of the leading medical billing companies in the USA, incorporates specialized software to detect and label medical billing errors. Athenahealth states 94 % first-pass claim rate which implies to have a minimal or almost no denied claims. By offering such fantastic offer, athenahealth is sure to boost your reimbursements, as a result, maximize your revenues. At an initial level, it costs you nothing but the charges will be dependent upon the extent and nature of your medical practice. Adding to it, it offers you a contract of a minimum of three months when you are up to avail its services.

3. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD medical billing service is capable of understanding the nature of your practice by incorporating talented administrators. They assure acceptance of the claims of up to 95%, as a result, boost your revenue cycle. They work in collaboration with the claim center so to detect and resolve underlying issues genuinely. Besides, they have also incorporated a reporting system for the financial and revenue analysis for the practices. It is well-known to every healthcare provider that medical billing is quite a strenuous task with having a possibility of numerous errors. It is the responsibility of the billing department to deal with insurance companies by analyzing mistakes of coding and sorting out hindrances in the processing system. It has to upkeep the perfection without which the revenue cycle might go towards losses. To make sure improved revenues and increased reimbursements, AdvancedMD also incorporates authentic and sophisticated tools and tactics to track denials and work lists. To give your revenue a considerable and rapid boost AdvancedMD incorporates a HealthWatcher which assures value-based care delivery. It alerts with a preset system so to keep the patient involved and engaged thoroughly. Read more: An Introduction to Medical Coding and Billing

4. Kareo

Kareo is among the top leading medical billing companies in the USA which thoroughly examines your revenue cycles as well as guarantees robust reporting. Kareo implements a powerful engine to perform medical billing tasks efficiently as well as in an accurate way, as a result making sure negligible or no denied claims. The company offers its own Electronic Health Record system, a cloud-based solution, which frees the clients form downloading any software, and there is also no need to install any hardware. The user will just have to log in after creating an account, and they will have their EHR available there. Furthermore, Kareo takes cares of the privacy and personal data of every client and share all the vital medical billing information with complete security. Besides, Kareo maintains the overall workflow of your staff’s practice with the inclusion of management of the patients, transferring documents plus conveying protected messages. Also, it facilitates easy and quick notes related to encountering of patients. Adding to it, Kareo offers a time and money saving approach by incorporating electronic prescription, in that way, cutting the need for making phone calls.

5. BillingParadise

At present, most of the healthcare industries are facing the critical challenge of the processes relating to medical billing. This procedure is a multifaceted one which is not easy to handle thus requires appropriate expertise that can perform all the relevant tasks with precision and high accuracy. BillingParadise has hired well-experienced and well-trained experts for fulfilling all the functions concerning medical billing. They offer supreme quality medical billing services with cost-effectiveness. The medical billing services that the BillingParadise offers are comprehensive and are useful in maximizing reimbursement rates. Furthermore, this company efficiently keeps patients’ records with the help of a skilled team that can remotely manage all the routine tasks of its clients. After coding, the medical professionals at BillingParadise allocate affordable process based on the standard of coding to the patient. Assigning charges is considered as the highly significant phase all through the process of coding and medical billing, a minor mistake can cause a massive disruption in the medical billing flow. BillingParadise manages medical billing with 24/7 workflow, certified experts, support for transitioning to value-based payments and an array of powerful RCM tools.

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