Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in 2016

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Traveling is the most enriching thing you can spend your money on. Nothing compares to the chance to explore this planet we live on (until we've got the chance to explore other planets).

Here are the most enchanting cities to visit to brighten up your 2016, which you could explore even more deep with the inside tips and random facts from the locals and travelers. It's always nice to get the information you never thought about. That's this precise case. And it works perfectly for traveling -- you just read through it, and you eventually find your perfect place to travel next time.


A city of the orange roofs, a city of the cheese candies, a city of the coziness in every detail. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Once, I saw one wonderful writing on a t-shirt here that says: "I ♥ Lithuania (but where is it?)." You may do not know where is it, but you have to visit it and feel its spirit. You feel like at your grandma's place here -- all cozy, surrounded by kitties meowing (the language sound much like that), old rocking chairs and balls of wool. Also, a bonus -- you can visit it any time of the year, and you see different Vilnius.

Tip: "There are plenty of landmarks and attractions but mostly I take my foreign visitors to the castle, to Palace of Grand Dukes (replica palace of XV-XVI c., opened several years ago), to the KGB museum (really good, realistically gloomy one one!), to botanic garden (we have two of them, I prefer one out of the central city), several churches older than 400 years (Vilnius has up to 40 churches at all), to the medieval-to-baroque Old Town of course. Lots of good bars with really great and interesting beer (not the mainstream ones). The fun fact - Vilnius is 40 kilometers from the geographical center of the Europe"





Barcelona is love. Can I stop here? Yes, I will be one of these people who is yelling on every corner how cool this city is. Yes, you could tell me about dirty beaches, a huge amount of tourists, high rate of crime etc. But you can not deny that when you wake up here early in the morning, go down to the nearest cafe, take your cup of coffee with a croissant, breathe this warm salty air, seesaw the city is waking up, and wedge into the rhythm of the city and surf i ... you just close your eyes and fall in love. That's it.

Tip: "Visit the Hot Dog Restaurant beside Sagrada Familia... there they make the best hot dogs ever." (Lukas)



This is the must try city for those who want to feel the mad rhythm of the mad city. Don't get me wrong here. Moscow is an amazing adventure. It gets you on its hands from the first moment you step on its land. You feel like another person. You get off the plane, take your coffee, and run with the rhythm of the city. But, you still notice the beauty around, because Moscow is very, very beautiful. You learn to value these little cozy places that hide in this huge but generous monster (if you find the approach). It's even bigger on the inside.


Tip: "In Moscow 100% of metro lines is covered by free WiFi. It was implemented line by line, the first line with wifi was a red line. The project started in the mid-2013, I guess, and at the end of 2014."


A city of love to old things, love to national pride, exceptional love to money, love to cats, love to wine, love to coffee. Okay, okay, I'll stop right here.

First words I heard in Rome in my firs visit were: "How?! You are staying only 5 days in Rome and 3 in Milano?! Are you crazy?!". The second words were: "65 Euro. No, not 45 (as we discussed before getting into the taxi). 65. No. No para Inglese". Rome is crazy. It's crazy cool if you don't get it too serious. Rome smash you with all its greatness of the past, Rome leaves you puzzled with its chaos of the present.

Tip: "In Rome there are many public water spots and it looks to be clean. Home water is drinkable but very heavy full of residual stuff. I drink half and half bottled."




The city. And the country. It's the city of the future, where you won't find piles of trash everywhere, won't breathe the exhaust (it's very pricey to own a car here). You will get into the city of glass and concrete, you will see the futuristic trees and the spaceship on the top of the high scrapers. With a pool, of course. And if you won't break the rules, it won't cost you a fortune. Singapore is a border post between our present (Europe) and the magic of robots and buttons (Asia, Japan). It's an understandable future that everyone should try.

Tip: "Singapore is probably the cleanest place in the world. Then again, you can be fined for not flushing a public toilet, feeding birds & chewing gum is outlawed."


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