Top 5 Police Brutality Videos

Top 5 Police Brutality Videos

The YouTube generation has brought a new degree of awareness to the problem of police brutality in America. Check out HuffPost's list of the top 5 viral videos of police brutality below:

Our first two videos came into the news within days of each other. Video from last Friday's Critical Mass ride in Times Square showed a rookie NYPD officer lunging at a cyclist and shoving him off his bike. The officer has been stripped of his badge and gun and is on desk duty pending an investigation into the matter.

Days later, an NYPD officer was caught on tape brutally beating a suspect with a baton.

In May, Philadelphia cops swarmed a car and forcefully removed its occupants, before kicking and beating them on the ground. Four officers were fired and four more disciplined following the incident, but no criminal charges have been filed against them.

Then, of course, there is the darling of the police brutality video- "Don't Tase Me, Bro!"

Finally, not all officers are as skilled with their beatings as those in the previous videos. This guy managed to tase himself during an arrest.
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