Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Thursday everyone, here's my Top 5 for December 15, 2011 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • Chris Paul is traded, finally. He goes from New Orleans to the Clippers.
  • Orlando says they will not trade Dwight Howard.
  • The NFL will be awash in TV money for nine more years from the major networks. First change, are you ready for some Thanksgiving night football on NBC?

2. Clip Joint No More

Question. Where do the Clippers come from? Answer. Who cares? Not anymore. The franchise that roamed from Buffalo, to San Diego to Los Angeles is suddenly relevant. After all the NBA nonsense, Chris Paul is a Clipper along with Blake Griffin. Does that make them the "big brother" in L.A to the Lakers? Hardly. But for a perennially awful team that's never ever made it as far as the conference finals it's pretty cool. The only problem, we don't have the Clippers to kick around any more. Talk about ruining a good punch line.

3. Diplomacy

All the naysayers think that the "real Tim Tebow" will be exposed when Denver takes on the Patriots Sunday in Denver. Ya think there will be a few QB stat comparisons with Tom Brady? For his part, Brady was asked his thoughts about "Tebowmania" and Brady said he's been focusing on the defense. Nice. And to continue featuring all things Tebow, a Colorado brewery is coming out with "Tebrew." They're calling in the "Sunday Sipper." The label shows the silhouette of someone "Tebowing" with a mug of beer in his hand. You just can't have enough suds with your religion.

4. Ink Spot

Last August I facetiously wondered about athletes getting tattoos. I wrote, "Is that the next bargaining skirmish on the horizon, who owns the rights to a player's skin?" Well guess what? The new baseball deal prohibits commercial tattoos.

Damn, I was going to sponsor some ballplayers wearing "Top 5" tattoos.

5. Live Shot

When you're doing a live remote on TV, you've got to watch those throwbacks to the studio. In Denver, "Hoosiers," "Hooters," what's the dif?

When I was working at WNBC with Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons I never threw back to "Chuck and Sue." As others have done to their everlasting regret, I feared saying, "now back to you Suck and Chew."

Happy Birthday: Linebacking great Nick Buoniconti. 71.
Bonus Birthday: Actor Don "Miami Vice" Johnson. 62.

Today in Sports: The Yankees make Dave Winfield the highest paid player in baseball, 10 years $16-million. 1980.
Bonus Event: Not a bad flick. Gone With the Wind premiered in Atlanta. 1939.

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