Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Thursday everyone, here's my Top 5 for February 28, 2013 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

  • San Francisco sends quarterback Alex Smith to Kansas City.
  • The NFL will investigate a team asking a player at the NFL Combine "Do you like girls?"
  • Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors scored an NBA season-high of 54 points (over half of his team's total) last night in a loss to the Knicks 109-105.
  • Despite the PGA Tour coming out opposed to the proposed rule against the anchoring of putters, Tiger Woods says he's still against anchoring.
  • Cardinal Dolan says his chances are better of replacing A-Rod at third base on the Yankees than becoming Pope. Some would say the chances of A-Rod becoming Pope are better than finishing out his Yankees contract.

2. Change of Course

How refreshing. The baseball players union is saying that punishment for steroids and the like may be too soft, that it's not enough of a deterrent. Good for them. Michael Weiner has clearly distanced himself from his predecessors who ran the union. They always fought drug testing and sanctions. The players should have always taken the lead in making sure their union members were on the up and up. Are you listening NFL players?

3. Mystery Solved

Now we can have a baseball season in Milwaukee, the racing sausage has been found. Guido is the sausage with the chef's hat and bow tie who is part of the sausage race at Brewers games. (He's #3 in this picture). The 7-foot costume was last seen a couple of weeks ago. Well after a major "sausage alert" a couple of men walked into a bar, dropped off the costume, and told the bartender "You did not see anything." Guido's racing buds, Bratwurst, the Polish Sausage, the Hot Dog and the Chorizo must be so relieved.

4. Happy Ending

Thanks to Top 5 subscriber Michael S. for the following story that aired on CBS News. You've seen similar stories, about a special needs student who gets a chance to play on the team. From Rudy, to Rochester's Jason McElwain. But I think you'll agree the special twist to this one is rather special. Enjoy.

5. Lost in Translation

A 41-year-old former Red Sox World Series MVP Manny Ramirez was sometimes hard to figure out, so good luck to the Taiwanese. He has signed to play with the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan. I can see the T-shirts now, " 曼尼是曼尼 ." (That's Manny being Manny for the few Top 5 subscribers who don't speak Chinese.)

Happy Birthday: Auto racing great Mario Andretti. 73.

Bonus Birthday: Singer/actress Bernadette Peters. 65.

Today in Sports: The original "Miracle on Ice." The U.S. wins hockey gold at the Squaw Valley, California Olympics. 1960.

Bonus Event: 30-years ago today, the final episode of M*A*S*H becomes the most watched television show in U.S. history. 1983.

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