If the Saints can overcome their history to win a Super Bowl, any team can in the NFL. That's the beauty of the league. It's unlike baseball, where the have-nots will probably remain have-nothings.
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Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for February 9, 2010 from Len Berman at www.ThatsSports.com.

1. Quick Hits

* It's parade time in New Orleans tonight for the Super Bowl champion Saints.

* Saints coach Sean Payton said he slept with the Super Bowl trophy Sunday night and that "I probably drooled on it." Nice.

* 106.5 million people watched the Super Bowl telecast, making it the most watched program in the history of American television.

* Damn. The first America's Cup race was postponed until tomorrow for lack of wind.

* OK admit it. You really want to see the new SI swimsuit cover. If you really don't, then don't click here.

2. Super Bowl Leftovers

Some lingering thoughts. If the Saints can overcome their history to win a Super Bowl, any team can in the NFL. That's the beauty of the league. It's unlike baseball, where the have-nots will probably remain have-nothings because of the money divide.

And subscriber Sherry S. points out that the Colts rested their players at the end of the season and achieved neither a perfect season, nor a Super Bowl championship. She calls their actions "shameful and cowardly" and claims their actions proved they "didn't have the heart to win a Super Bowl."

Just sharing.

3. Steve Phillips

Former Mets general manager and ESPN broadcaster Steve Phillips went on the Today Show yesterday to discuss his sex addition. He attended the same Mississippi clinic where Tiger Woods reportedly was treated. I suppose by going public he wants to "get back in the game." The married Phillips did the right thing by placing the blame squarely on himself for his affair with an intern, which came after sexual harassment allegations while he was with the Mets. Athletes who do far worse are welcomed back with open arms if teams think they can produce; it's not that easy for sportscasters and general managers.

4. #44

The #44 is legendary in Syracuse football history. Jim Brown, Ernie Davis and Floyd Little. Floyd was my fraternity brother at Syracuse. The day he was drafted by the Denver Broncos, he wasn't happy. He told me he really didn't want to play in Denver. But it turned out great. He had a 9 year Broncos career featuring 5 Pro Bowls and a couple of rushing titles.The first college football game I attended at Syracuse, Floyd scored 5 touchdowns against Kansas. And Saturday he finally ran his way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Way to go Floyd! I couldn't be prouder.

5. Be My Valentine

Bidding closes this evening for one lucky Milwaukee Brewers fan. The racing sausages, who race at every Brewers game, will show up where your favorite lady works or lives and present her with two tickets for an April game against the Pirates. Nothing says romance quite like goofy guys in costumes, and a cold early season game against a last place team.

Happy Birthday: Former Met Mookie Wilson, "and it gets by Buckner." 54. (Mookie was hired by the Mets yesterday to be a minor league instructor.)
Bonus Birthday: Do I amuse you? Goodfellas actor Joe Pesci. 67.

Today in Sports: "Don't look back, something might be gaining on you." The words of pitcher Satchel Paige. On this date he became the first Negro League star elected to the baseball Hall of Fame. 1971.
Bonus Event: A guy named W.G. Morgan in Holyoke Mass. invented a sport called volleyball 6 years before basketball. 1895.

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