Top 5 Thoughts You’ll Have The Day After Your Wedding

Where’s the Advil?
05/10/2017 10:53am ET | Updated May 10, 2017

For BRIDES, by Erin Celletti.

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Chances are you’ve had SO many thoughts race through your mind from the moment you said, “Yes!” to your “I Do’s” and everything in between — you probably haven’t had time to contemplate what your brain has in store for the day after your wedding. So, what about those thoughts that will flood your brain when you wake up the morning after? Of course, they’ll be different for everyone, but we can almost guarantee you’ll have one, if not all, of these pop into your newly married mind upon waking up as a Mrs. for the first time!

OMG I’m a Wife! You may have had the Mrs. sweatshirts and luggage tags ready to go in anticipation of waking up a newlywed, but nothing can compare to the reality. The day after your big day, it will set in fast — you’ll wake up a Mrs. and it will feel incredible.

Where’s the Advil? Despite your best efforts, many, many brides wake up with a hangover of sorts after their wedding night. Whether it’s a slight headache or a full-blown, “I haven’t felt like this since my bachelorette,” type struggle, one of your first thoughts might be to search for the Advil, Gatorade, and maybe even pizza. And that’s okay, it’s all a part of the process.

Can We Do It Again? By now everyone will have warned you that your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, and unfortunately, you’re learning now that they were right. One of the first things you might think of on the day after your wedding (with a huge smile on your face, of course) is how sad you are that it’s over, and that’s normal! Don’t worry, your memories, photographs, and videos will help you to cherish every moment of this special time, even if it has come to an end.

Can I See the Photos Now? Quality wedding photos can take quite some time to get back after the wedding. After all, there are hundreds if not thousands of images that need editing, and that can’t happen over night (unfortunately). While the suspense of seeing the images from your wedding can be frustrating, think of it this way — it gives you something to look forward to, even after the last dance. When you do finally get the photos back, you’ll be able to relive your day again and again. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

“When you do finally get the photos back, you’ll be able to relive your day again and again. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.”

I’m Starving. No matter how many times your mom, bridesmaids, or event planner told you to eat, the night was probably a (magical) whirlwind and it seems that every time you went to take a bite of something you were whisked away for photos, a toast, or a dance, right? With all the excitement, you may not have noticed how hungry you are until you wake up the next morning. You can try to pre-plan by loading your wedding suite with snacks and drinks to nibble on before bed, or for first thing when you wake up, to offset being a hangry Mrs. on day one. Or, get up and head straight to your post-wedding brunch where all the carbs gloriously await.

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