Top 5 "Thriller" Takeoffs: Wedding Party, Filipino Prisoners, And A French Surprise

This footage of 1500 Filipino prisoners performing their carefully choreographed version of the "Thriller" dance is nothing short of amazing. With over 20 million views on the web, this video has earned it's spot in every "Thriller" best-of-countdown from now 'till the end of time.
Here's another YouTube classic: an entire wedding party, bride and groom included, perfecting the "Thriller" dance. This video blew up in 2006 on YouTube and 8 million views later it's still going strong.
This next "Thriller" dancer isn't as well known as the rest of the bunch, but he certainly deserves some praise for his unashamed performance of the Michael Jackson classic. Hopefully his fellow marines in Iraq didn't give him a hard time for these awesome moves.
When Naomi Campbell and a bunch of animated lizards do the "Thriller" dance, you can bet it will end up in this countdown.
And finally, the best "Thriller" video of them all: students at a community college in France performing a wonderful "Thriller" lip dub. With a ton of planning and some great college-themed outfits, these guys managed to pull off one of the greatest single shot music videos out there. Very nice.