Top 5 Tips That Will Help A Novice Become A Better Fisherman

Top 5 Tips That Will Help A Novice Become A Better Fisherman
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Although fishing is enjoyable, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. It is imperative not to do anything that might hurt the feelings of any fisherman close to you. The identical rules and regulations apply to fishing as before in spite of the fact that there has been a lot of changes in the modern day equipment. It is recommended to have a printable fishing checklist which will help you to plan and simplify your next fishing trip.

You can easily download this checklist from the web preferably in PDF format. It is imperative to take care of the waterways in order to ensure the preservation as well as sustainability of our ecosystem. You must also make it a point to maintain the tidiness of the area where other fishermen do fishing. Take care not to upset the balance of the ecosystem and therefore try to do everything to maintain the conditions such that the folks can use it later on. In fact, proper angling habits are important while fishing.

Below, we will throw some light on 5 fishing tips for beginners.

1. Fishing with Bait


You will need to make use of a weight in order to make the bait reach the fish. This weight is going to depend on the location where you are actually fishing. It will be good to start with a number 2 hook as well as a boat sinker. The sinker can be prevented from sliding by making use of a swivel.

Also, employ a lightweight head placed in between the swivel and the weight so as to safeguard the knot. Worms should be the type of bait that you will use the most. Some anglers also prefer using chicken or liver rather than worms. Moreover, the bait must be cold such that it stays attached to the hook. Nevertheless, experimenting with various types of bait and observing the outcomes will be a smart idea.

2. The Basic Methods of Fishing

i. Plunking

In this particular technique, weights are usually used for keeping the bait in proper position. You may also use a lighter weight in case you would prefer using the current to help you.

ii. Drift-fishing

By this method, the line is drifted in the current which you’ve cast into.

iii. Back-bouncing

Using this technique, you will raise the rod a couple of feet and allow the lure to settle down once again. While this is being done, reel the line in a bit enabling it to remain firm.

3. The best time to fish

The ideal time to fish will be early in the morning till before midday, late in the afternoon before it becomes dark, as well as midnight till sunrise. Besides this, you might also do fishing when the sky is overcast. The best seasons for angling happens to be summer and spring during which the fish usually feed the most following an extended hibernation during winter and fall. You can also do fishing while the temperature is cold provided the chill is endurable.

4. Change depths and locations

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Top water undoubtedly is fun. However, in case you face any problem, then it will be wise to venture deep where you should get an abundance of fish. While bait fishing, you may either add or subtract weight; while fly fishing, you may go to a sink tip and make use of a spoon or a jig. In case you are unable to catch any fish even by varying lures as well as depths, then try moving around to catch the fish.

The water can be covered using a fan cast. Several casts can be made in the region to the left. Also, make a few more in the front and to the right. Nevertheless, it is advisable to find out a new location for angling in case you fail to catch any fish even after covering the area and using a different lure. In a nutshell, you have to locate the area where you will find lots of fish although this might entail some effort on your part.

5. Gauge your catch

It is essential to make certain that your fish is big enough to be taken in case you would like to consume the fish later on. You must hold the fish carefully by placing one hand on its head and the other on its tail.


You will surely be able to catch more fish by sticking to all these above-mentioned simple and useful angling tips. These guidelines might appear rather unsophisticated to you initially; but, bear in mind that the simplest things in life will give you better results and the same also goes with fishing. Try to remain in the water for a considerable period of time. As a matter of fact, you will turn out to be a perfect angler only by practicing regularly.

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