Top 5 Ways To Build Lasting Confidence

Top 5 Ways To Build Lasting Confidence
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What gives you confidence? What makes you feel fantastic, like you could take on the world with your head held high?

For some, it's all about the materialistic stuff.

I read something recently that listed the top five things to make a woman more confident. Variations on makeup, jewellery and clothing made up the list.

Each to their own. If that's what floats your boat then so be it. But that's not exactly realistic or sustainable, in my humble opinion.

To live an authentically fearless life you love, it's important to build sustainable confidence. Confidence that won't disappear once your lipstick fades or your jewellery comes off.

I'm all for adding a little somethin' soethin' to make you feel fantastic. I've worn my favourite shirt to a job interview, my favourite bracelet to a photo shoot and my favourite lipstick on the first date with my (now) husband. But that was just the external stuff and I'd like to think I got the job, the contract and the man with my own confidence, not because of the other stuff.


So while I agree with the Author in part, I wanted to extend the list a little further.

Here are the top five things that can build your confidence long-term, after your makeup has been removed and your confidence-inducing clothes are in the washing machine.

1. PEOPLE - Having the right sorts of people around you is vital to building your confidence over the long-term. You won't build sustainable confidence if you're surrounded by people who never support your fearless ambitions.

2. PASSIONS & PURPOSE - Making time for passions that align with your true purpose is another great way to naturally boost your confidence over the long-term. When you feel like you're pursuing your true passion and purpose, it gives you confidence that life is heading in the right direction.

For me, this includes writing. I'm crazy passionate about it and it aligns with my purpose help other women Find Fearless Freedom. Does your current career or relationship give you that fearless confidence to take on the world?

3. MOVEMENT - Physical activity in any way you can. It doesn't have to be for long and it doesn't have to be overly strenuous. Physical activity can release endorphins that create a shift in mental attitude and an increase in confidence that extend far into the future.

4. ACKNOWLEDGING WEAKNESSES - This may seem counter-intuitive but it really does help to build confidence. The sooner you acknowledge and accept a weakness, the easier it is to do something about it. Remember to focus on the things you can do instead!

5. CELEBRATING SMALL ACHIEVEMENTS - You needn't wait for the really big accomplishments to give yourself a metaphoric pat on the back. Celebrate all of the tiny wins throughout the day. You met a work deadline early? You finally sent that stressful email? You did something small outside of your comfort zone? Way to go!!!

It's time to roar! What sort of things do you do to keep your confidence up over the long-term? I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Love life,
Lisa xx

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