Top 5 Ways to Keep Bernin' After Election Day

As the rallying cry builds in NY today, Sanders loyalists can maintain optimism for a Wisconsinesque upset tonight while still girding for the chance of a less favorable outcome. Here's how Bernie's massive NYC voting block can keep up the momentum and prevent a Wednesday hangover:

1. Break up the banks, not the phone banks. States ranging from New Jersey to New Mexico are still up for grabs. Targeted calls to priority states make all the difference, without leaving our borough.

2. Take a road trip for cheesesteak. Philly's April 26th election will be critical, and old-fashioned door-to-door canvassing is the single most effective means of reaching registered voters. R/T bus fare is less than the average Bernie donation of "$27 dollahs!"

3. Act like a millennial. Whether you are one or not, it's time to post, like and tweet until every California friend and relative gets the message from New York to take back America from the billionaire class.

4. Plan a dance party that's too big to fail. Throw a fundraiser at a local bar to bask in the glory of a New York State victory or shake off a setback and move on. You can dance in this revolution.

5. Join Who knows, this lefty OKCupid just might help you find the Berner of your dreams.

Gabe Fenigsohn (@gfenig) is a New York City writer and opiner on media, brand and culture. He follows the social impact of advertising and is a member of the Brooklyn-based digital creative team Cardwell Beach.