Top 50 Dad Blogs 2011

Babble's Best Dad Blogs Of 2011

Why do a Top 50 Dad Blogs list now? Haven't dads been blogging just as long as moms? Do we really just like making these lists?

Here's the truth: At Babble, we've been waiting for this moment for years. No, this is not the beginning of Dad blogging -- far from it -- but it is the first year in which Dad blogging is making it to the masses in a big way. Whether it's a single post that gets over 114,000 "likes" on Facebook or a riveting panel discussion at the Mom 2.0 Summit or the hilarious (but effective) #occupyBabble Twitter campaign, Dad bloggers are gaining more recognition with every passing month. In the process, they are also changing the way we think about fatherhood, parenthood, and exactly what is possible for men raising families.