America's Top 50 Political Animals: Vote For Your Favorite

The world of politics sure is wild.

"Man is by nature a political animal," Aristotle noticed. In collaboration with USA Network, we're bringing you our picks for the top 50 political animals of all time in American politics.

For us, a political animal is someone who broke the rules of the day and as a result, changed the game -- not always for the better. Over the next month, renowned historians, political experts, pundits and thought leaders will provide commentary and insights on the list, including choosing their own Top Ten. To kick off the dialogue, Tom Brokaw tells us that Abe Lincoln deserves the number one spot, and FDR number two. After that, in no particular order, his top ten include Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Huey Long and Eleanor Roosevelt.

We'll also be updating this list with animals we missed. Help us rank them, or suggest additions or subtractions below, or email us at submissions@huffingtonpost.com, with the subject line Political Animals. [UPDATE: The top ten results are in. Click "sort by rank" below to see who won.]

USA's new series "Political Animals" premiered on Sunday July 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

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Top 50 Political Animals