Top 6 Components of a Safe Workout

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Safety barring any other aspect of an exercise program is the No. 1 priority both in the short and long term. Longevity and quality of life as a result of your workouts and your total wellness plan is the name of the game. The objective is to challenge yourself for a given workout at a high level for YOU at your fitness level, work hard and above all work smart. Pain is always your body's method of communication, and if it comes on, listen to your body. You want as a result of each workout and event to be stronger and better for your next bout of physical activity and ongoing. Should you exert yourself? Yes, absolutely... at an APPROPRIATE level and activity for you.

That said, here are the top Robert Reames ("RR") six components to a SAFE and effective workout. (These are not in any particular order because all are important.)

- Know the "motor skill" of what you are doing. In other words, know how to execute the given movements of the workout well. Be good and skilled at the motions especially if you're going to add load to a motion (weight lifting, plyometrics, etc.). Injury many times is the result of just poor form or execution of a given motion or exercise or just too much load before you really know how to do the exercise. So be good at it!

- Keep your focus during the workout ON the workout. Your mind must be in the game in order to execute the components of the workout properly and safely. Distraction is something that can take you out of proper form... and risk some form of injury or the beginning of a "syndrome" that can eventually result in injury.

- Enjoy what you're doing (or dislike what you're doing the least). If you like the mode of exercise you'll stayed focused, you'll most likely be good at it, have practiced the motions over and over... and you'll thrive and be stronger, work harder and be better on subsequent workouts.

- If you feel compromised -- sick, extreme fatigue or some relatively excessive muscle or joint pain or discomfort -- on a given day, then skip and or modify the workout with the mindset of safe and effective execution. Again here, listen to your body. Rest completely or modify the work and come back stronger and better the next day.

- Keep the environment safe: Work on even, no-slip surfaces and get regular safety checks on workout equipment, maintenance of cables etc. Faulty equipment or unsafe environments can be sources of injury.

- Make sure you properly recover ongoing from your workouts. Foam rolling, maintenance stretching, strengthening specific muscle groups used in exercise... and most of all, get your sleep.

Be safe and enjoy, everybody!


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