Top 6 Must-Do things to do in Croatia

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Getting Stamped

Croatia is becoming one of the most wanted places to visit in the world since the past few years. Thanks to the social media and the Game of Thrones for rising the popularity of the country, more people are now visiting the tourist’s heaven, and the shared experiences of the individuals in the Croatia just makes you want to be there.

If you are a traveler and haven’t put Croatia on your list yet, then you might miss out on a lot. Traveling to Croatia is worth it! If you have already planned a visit to this beautiful part of the world then make sure that you have the experience of your life. There are so many attractions in the Croatia that the main attractions might go unnoticed from your eyes. Worry not! We won’t let our readers miss out on any fun, and that is why we are bringing to you the Top 6 Must-Do things to do in Croatia.

1. Experience the Beaches

You might have visited the uncountable number of beaches in your life, but there would be none like the ones in Croatia. The beaches in the Proizd island, the famous Zlatni Rat, and the beautiful Split are some of the best beaches in the Croatia that you’d ever come across. The beaches there are clean, and the water is crystal clear. The beaches are popular and hence, are always crowded, but they are so well spread out that you never feel it is full of so many people.

2. Go Cruising

Cruising is a must-do when you are in Croatia. You can find many services in the Croatia that would let you rent a Luxury Gulet and take you to some of the hottest destination out there in the country. The luxurious blue cruise services let you spend quality time on a cruise, and they are not luxurious just by the name but by the experience too. You can cruise for days being assured about the safety as the services that provide you the cruising experience arrange a background check on the crew similar to the National Police Check in other countries. The highly skilled crew along with an optional Chef also make sure that your cruising days are memorable.

3. Visit the Castles

The Castles in the Croatia are already popular for their Royal nature, and the Game of Thrones has added to this popularity by shooting its episode in there. The Veliki Tabor Castle and the ORŠIĆ CASTLE will leave you stunned with its constructional details. The castles go back to as old as 16th Century and are must visit places in the Croatia.

4. World Heritage Sites

Despite being a small country in the land area, Croatia is the home to the 7 World Heritage Sites. The sites in Stećci and Plitvice Lakes are some of the most visited locations in Croatia because of the heritage title. The Cathedral of St. James is also an important heritage site which is celebrated among its visitors for its detailed architecture. Hvar-Stari Grad Plain is not much of a buzz among the tourists in the Croatia yet as the central Hvar takes all the attraction, but this is the place which reflects the ancient times of the Europe till today.

5. Zadar City

Zadar has one of the most beautiful towns on the coast of Croatia. It is a charming city with an old heritage in its core. The city is the home to many islands and a cool place to party in with some lounges and bars to serve you. The old Nin City and National Parks are quite near to the Zadar, and you can reach there easily as the city is well connected.

6. Try the Local Food

The scenery is not the only highlight of this beautiful country, and its food makes you want to come back for it again. The Seafood in the country is mouth-watering and the restaurants there are serious about their food too. You can find many cafés and restaurants that arrange cruises to their farms for the lovely experience of tasting their freshly prepared Oysters. The cuisine and wine in the country leave nothing to complain of too.

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