Top 6 TED 2015 Talks You Don't Want to Miss

This was a great year at TED for all kinds of mind-bending talks -- here are six that raised the roof -- will update when more TED talks become available. Which talks did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

3D printing has already made a big impact in prototyping in industries from architecture to autos, but this new breakthrough will take us all way to 3D manuacturing. This is straight out of the movies as you will see.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman pushes the boundaries of our senses with new peripherals that our brain can use to learn about the world. This technology can be used to give the deaf a new kind of hearing, the blind a new kind of sight, or each of us new capabilities that we did not have before.

Dame Stephanie Shirley is a study in perserverance and triumph over adversity. She tells the incredible story of her life in this TED talk -- inspiring and full of specific insight on how we can push through the next barrier -- find out why she used the name Steve for a time.

Daniel Kish's talk is inspiring in many ways. Daniel is blind, but navigates the world with quick taps and clicks that give him a sonar-like picture of the world around him. He can "see" in 360 degrees and has taught this techniques to thousands of others. The next time you are down about a roadblock in front of you watch this talk again.

If you want to see how to build community watch Theaster tell you about his incredible success in Chicago. This potter has sculpted a series of neighborhoods in a way that will open your mind to new possibilities for how we live together.

Anand has documented a powerful story in his new book The True American -- a tale of the new America. He relates this tale in his moving TED talk.

Stay tuned for more TED 2015 talks as they go live on the site. Have a favorite TED talk? Let me know!