The Top American Holidays For Beer

Although it seems almost natural to crack open a cold beer on Memorial Day or Fourth of July, these aren't the only big beer-buying holidays. Nielsen has compiled the Top 7 beer holidays in the United States in 2010, based on the sale of cases of beer two weeks before the holiday.

7. Super Bowl, 49.3 million
6. Halloween, 51.3 million
5. Thanksgiving, 51.8 million
4. July Fourth, 52.7 million
3. Christmas, 54.3 million
2. Memorial Day, 57.8 million
1. Labor Day, 60.1 million

To round out the top 10, check out the 2009 results, in which Cinco de Mayo, Easter and St. Patrick's Day also make an appearance. Notably absent: Valentine's Day. And we always thought a case of beer was so romantic.