Top 7 Healthy Halloween Hacks

October 31st kicks of the season best known for yummy food confections and tasty treats. First, there is Halloween, and then a full onslaught of delicacies throughout the remainder of year. Food lovers often share in the events by creating their most unique recipes, but the thought of regaining weight that was so difficult to shed is a literal trick or treat for some. There are many ways to enjoy these good ole’ times and remain in shape.

Ghostly Snacks

With a plethora of healthy candies and food selections available today, it is all about willpower and portions. There’s organic, low calorie, and corn syrup free. Candy connoisseurs might choose a few favorite pieces each day and hide the rest in a secret mystery place. Families can encourage their kids to save some candy for later or ration it out as an incentive. A few pieces here and there aren’t quite as dangerous as eating the entire goody bag in a few days.

Carving Out Cravings

Another way to reduce the sugar intake or to at least reduce it is to pick out favorites. Encourage your trick or treaters to feast on top choices. They might gather with friends and exchange their least favorites for those that they enjoy more. Indulging in guilt free candies makes it well worth it. Many items also have highly visible labels that allow consumers to glance at the number of calories.

Flavorful of Fright

No need to fear, according to a Harvard Study, candy consumers have an extended life span. Consider candies that take much longer to consume. These treats are likely to satisfy sugar cravings and may minimize overall intake. Another good side is that they usually come in a wide variety of flavors to appease the taste buds. One box of hard candies might include assortments of apple flavors, watermelon, spearmint, peppermint, and key lime.

Goons, Goblins, and Gum

Another way to enjoy the season, while maintaining your weight, is by chomping on some chewing gum. Gum usually contains very few calories and is reportedly good for the brain. Chew away that sweet tooth and join in on the Halloween fun. There are many options, from original flavors to themed options covered in ghosts, goblins, and pumpkin faces.

For Those Monstrous Munchies

These is no need to fear the guilt of sugar consumption with these minor Halloween Hacks. Try storing some of your treats and slowly consuming them over the course of a few weeks. Share the fun with neighbors or classmates in a candy swap. Take some extras to the office for colleagues or leave a few on the coffee table for guests.

Staying healthy at any time of the year is all about self-control and proper planning. Every bite makes a difference. Consider flavorful hard candies or sugar free gum to reduce calories. Try out new healthy options and be sure to read those labels. There will plenty of time to unleash the foodie with holiday parties and dinners nearing. Enjoy your Halloween, but save some room for the turkey, stuffing, cupcakes, and eggnog.


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