Top 7 Reasons Not to Quit That Dreary Day Job

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Everywhere you turn there's some online entrepreneur guru-type selling their special formula for how to quit your day job and start making 6-figures in your sleep.

I get it. I've been deadly miserable in my share of jobs over the years. And who wouldn't want to make 6 figures while sleeping?

But here's the thing. Is the only solution to quit the day job?

Or could you instead, follow the passion -- but hang onto that steady paycheck and intentionally build something on the side?

There are oh so many superb reasons for holding onto your day job while you build a side business, but here my lucky 7 to get you started thinking about this differently:

#1. Allow your business to grow organically
When you intentionally build a business "on the side", you allow it to grow at its own pace. Most businesses, like most things in life, are not an overnight success. Keeping it on the side allows it to evolve slowly, bringing in money bit by bit, rather than "overnight".

#2. Build your customer base while you build your business
Just like most businesses don't succeed overnight, neither do most businesses develop a customer base overnight! When your business isn't your sole income, you can allow it to grow as your customer base grows.

#3. You just might find a new appreciation for your day job
When your day job stops being your sole career focus, you might (like I did!) find a renewed pleasure in it. When I was first building my coaching business, my goal was to quit my day job within 24 months. Whether or not that could have happened, who knows, but once I had new things to fulfill me, my day job became a lot less frustrating. #ProTip: Stick a post-it in your workspace that says "Thank you job" to remind yourself that your day job is enabling your side gig.

#4. "Test and learn, re-invest what you earn"
When your day job is paying the bills, what you earn on the side becomes gravy. Instead of funneling that extra cash into your household account, use it to test things in your business, like Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site or re-invest what you earn in courses to build your knowledge, or coaching for valuable perspective and support.

#5. Experiment without the pressure

If you follow the business trades, you'd think failure is the new success. But what they're really saying is if you aren't experimenting, then you could be missing out on your next big thing, because you're playing it safe. When you build a business on the side, there's less danger is experimentation because your business doesn't need to pay all the bills. So experiment away. You may very well land on your next big thing!

#6 Small might be just right
This one just might be my favorite. Imagine a perfectly wrapped little gift box. It fits right in the palm of your hand and it's wrapped pristinely in glossy paper and topped with a perfectly tied satin bow. What if this perfect little gift box was your business? Small, but perfect. And exactly what your customer wants. There's nothing wrong with keeping your business small if it feels right for you.

#7 You get to ENJOY it more
And last but not least (and especially if you're building a business around something you love) if you don't require your side business to support you, you can enjoy it! Sure, it's hard work. Sure, it can take up your weekends and eat into your evenings... but it's also that thing you love to do.

So, if you're like so many others, and have been dreaming of quitting to pursue what you love full-time, I'd like to pose an alternative: Why not hang onto the day job for awhie instead and intentionally follow your passion on the side?

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