Top 7 Recession Indicators According To HuffPosters (SLIDESHOW)

Last week HuffPost featured its "Top Ten Unconventional Indicators Of The Recession," such as sales in men's underwear and movie rentals. We asked you to suggest your own economic indicators, and you didn't disappoint.

Mark Voegele, who works in the mobile phone industry, hypothesized that families lean on one another during a recession. He suggests a Family Plan Index and says he has seen an increase in mobile phones added to family billing plans, even by families members who live far away from each other.

HuffPost blogger Henry Blodget suggested a Latte Index. Though some may argue that their daily Starbucks fix has moved from discretionary spending to a daily necessity, he argues that the economy can be accurately measured by sales of a cup o' joe. Starbucks reported a 6% drop in established store sales in the third quarter of 2009; they compensated by closing stores and cutting back.

Vote on your favorite HuffPost-submitted indexes by deciding which ingenious measurements are legit freakonomics and which are just weakonomics. And suggest your own recession indicators in the comment section below.