Top 7 Safety Tips for Vaping

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According to a Reuters poll, approximately 10 percent of US adults now vape, and the numbers are expected to rise in the New Year.

For new and frequent users alike, it’s important to understand how to properly utilize a vaporizer. Without implementing best practices, are variety of issues may arise while vaping including explosion and other hazards.

Flickr, Creative Commons: Lindsay Fox

With a few preventative tips consumers can safely enjoy vaping without fear of combustion. Vaporizers are safe if used properly and handled responsibly, and still present a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

HAZE Technologies, a thought-leader and pioneer in the industry, is proud to develop products that not only push the boundaries of an increasingly mainstream/popular industry, but are safe to use. HAZE has the following tips on vaporizer safety:

1. Read the instruction manual thoroughly and research the product before using to learn compatibility and recommend usage. It is imperative to understand all the moving parts of your vaporizer before you begin vaping. Some are more complicated than others and require additional knowledge and time to assemble and use them.

2. Don’t over pack materials in your vaporizer and keep the device clean for best vapor output, taste and safety. Over packing will result in less airflow through the device, a harder draw, and inconsistent use of material usually generating more waste. Keeping up with maintenance will lengthen the lifespan and prevent residue build up.

3. Don’t over heat your vaporizer and allow cool down time. Batteries overheat with they are being over worked. This can easily lead to the battery eruption. Make sure you give the device adequate time to cool off before reusing it or opening the chamber for cleaning or refilling.

4. Make sure that you have a high-quality vaporizer. The main reasons why vaporizers explode is because they’re powered by lithium-ion batteries—the same batteries found in hover board scooters! Top-of-the-line vaporizer manufacturers produce vaporizers with stronger batteries, which typically have a longer lifespan. You’re less likely to run into problems with a better vaporizer and better batteries.

5. Make sure that your vaporizer is always charged. It seems as if people run into problems with their vaporizers when their vaporizer’s battery is drained. This additional stress isn’t good for the battery, and can easily be avoided with a bit of responsibility.

6. Be careful when using your vaporizer in extreme temperatures. Again, vaporizer batteries are susceptible to problems when subjected to extreme temperatures, as well as extreme temperature change. Be mindful, and be responsible.

7. Make sure you don’t have loose change in your pocket when carrying a vaporizer. Coins don’t mix well with the lithium-ion batteries, so they should just be kept separate altogether.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to vape safely in 2017.