Top 7 Startups That Will Save The World (VIDEO, POLL)

In this video slideshow, we feature the top 7 hottest new tech startups that are pioneering new ways of using the Internet and technology to make the world a better place. These up-and-coming companies are launching innovative solutions to make our planet greener, cleaner, healthier, and wealthier, locally and globally, from your community to Kenya. Don't forget to vote on your favorites!

Know more tech startups you think could save the world? Are there other do-gooder entrepreneurs that should be on the list? Let us know so we can feature them on HuffPostTech!

Here's what to do: click the Participate button below, mark the location of the startup by searching for an address in the box on the top right of the map, enter a description of how that startup is making the world a better place, upload a picture of the company, then click submit!

Top 7 Startups That Will Save The World (VIDEO)

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