Top 8 Art World Instagram Accounts for Art Enthusiasts

Top 8 Art World Instagram Accounts for Art Enthusiasts
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1. @museummammy
Kimberly Drew is the current Associate Online Community Producer at The Met. Her account not only features work in various galleries, museums, and fairs in NYC, but also in locations like the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University.


This account features contemporary art from around the world and has over 170k followers. It features work from pop-up shows to large public installations.


3. @love.watts
WATTS focuses on work by emerging artists and has over 930k followers of people waiting to see what work is posted next.


4. @paulfuentes_design
Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer based in Mexico City and his work features fun, pop-art inspired designs.


5. @paridust
Follow Pari Ehsan's account to see interesting photographs of the collaboration between fine art, high-end fashion, and the visual world.


6. @regenprojects
Regen Project is an L.A.-based gallery with powerful artists on their roster like Elizabeth Peyton, Theaster Gates, and Ryan Trecartin. Follow this account to see installations at the gallery and exhibitions at other museums and institutions in L.A.


7. @ceciliaalemani
The account of Cecilia Alemani, Director and Chief Curator of Public Art at the Highline, is best for lovers of public art and city views.


8. @saberawr
SABER, as known as Weston Shook, has been a fixture in the graffiti arts community in L.A. since 1997 and continues to show work in gallery shows throughout NYC and London.

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