Top 8 Green U.S. Breweries (PHOTOS)

Top 8 Green U.S. Breweries (IMAGES, POLL)

August is beer month at HuffPost Green. So first question: how green is the beer you drink? Well, if you drink a Fat Tire or a Sierra Nevada then you're on the right path. These eight breweries lead the pack when it comes to sustainable businesses and their beers are delicious to boot. So sit back, relax and enjoy these beers this summer. Vote for who you think is the green leader and nominate your favorite microbrew or green-leaning beer.

Here's how it works:

Hit the participate button, tell us why you love that beer, (if they do green initiatives, all the better!) and mark the area where the beer is brewed by searching for an address in the box on the top right of the map, upload your photo and hit submit. Thank you!

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