Top 9 Things That Every Parent Does And Feels Guilty About It

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Becoming a parent is one of, if not the most significant, event in your life. It signals a change in your mindset as you are now responsible for another life. This can lead us as parents to examine ourselves a lot harder and sometimes unfairly judge every action. There could be tasks and things that didn’t bother us earlier, but make think twice of now, and all full of guilt. If you’re a new parent, you’ll know this feeling all too well. Below we’re taking a look at nine things that parents do that they feel guilty about.

  1. Continuing To Work

While this may seem silly, you’d be surprised at how many parents still think that they are less devoted to their kids. To them, enjoying their jobs makes them feel like they are “neglecting” their children. Countless parents cannot adjust to working after having kids all because they feel guilty about leaving their children to go to work.

  1. Taking Time Off

During the initial few months, your baby will require a lot of your attention. It can be a tiring experience but also extremely rewarding. This phase is when a mother forms a special bond with her children. When your baby grows up and is a little less dependent, you have a little free time and can afford to rest or catch up on things that you’ve been putting off. Unfortunately, it’s common for parents to feel like they’re neglecting their children by looking after themselves.

  1. Giving In To Your Kids

As a parent, you will naturally want the best for your child, and will strive to satisfy every need of theirs. Sometimes, however, we may tend to overindulge them, i.e., give them things they don’t need. The fear is that this will create brats for children, who wouldn’t obey anything at all.

  1. Waiting For A Break

Kids often refer to the moments their mother played their favorite game and are forever grateful that their parents took the time to play with them. When they are young, it can seem like children have all the energy in the world. They are constantly running around meaning you have to run around after them. When they finally tire themselves out and fall asleep, you can get some rest. However, this may also cause you to feel a little guilty, but again, it’s common, something that most parents go through.

  1. Not Enjoying Every Aspect

Even though you learn something new every day, your parenting journey may not seem so smooth sailing at all. Who hasn’t felt frustrated when you have to change a diaper for what seems like the millionth time? This resentment doesn’t make you any less of a parent or reflect your feelings towards your child.

  1. Providing The Right Food

We’re all aware of how bad junk food is and all the negative effects it can have on your body. When it comes to our kids, we’re always striving to give them the best nutrition possible, especially as they are growing and need plenty of good, wholesome food. Fresh vegetables, protein, and healthy flavored milk are obviously an essential part of their diet. However, every once in a while, you may be too tired or simply not have enough time and ideas to prepare the right food, and it is natural to go through a guilt trip.

  1. TV Time

Family time is an integral part of any child’s development. It creates fond memories and forms closer bonds with family members. However, things can come up, and if you can’t give your kids time, they end up watching a television show. This is another instance that gives parents a truckload of guilt as they feel they have the wrong priorities.

  1. Not Providing Enough

It seems like these days there’s always some new trend for children, and you as a parent are expected to buy them the latest toy to help them participate. Parents can feel guilty that they aren’t working hard enough or providing enough for their children just because they may not be able to afford every new product that comes out.

  1. The Lashing Out Ceremony

Let’s face it ― we’ve all been there. Your child isn’t listening, and you’ve had a long, tiring day, so instead of being patient and reasoning with them you lash out and say something harsh. This response is nothing unheard of and doesn’t make you a bad parent, but that won’t stops parents from feeling guilty about it.

So, there you have it, nine situations that almost every parent has faced. While it is natural to feel guilty given the circumstances, you have no reason to be. As a parent, you’re doing your best and always have your child’s best interest at heart. As long as you keep trying and do your best, your child is lucky to have you!

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