Top 7 Android Apps By Age: Nielsen

On Monday, Nielsen released the results of a study on the most popular smartphone apps in the Android market. The rankings were based on how many people had used the app during the previous 30 days. The data was collected through proprietary device meters that had already been installed on the participants' phones as part of an ongoing smartphone study.

The results were broken down by age groups: 18 - 24, 25 - 34 and 35 - 44. Several of the apps were similarly popular across all three groups. Facebook and Gmail, for example, had been used by at least 70 percent of all participants, regardless of age. Other apps showed more surprising results. Angry Birds was most popular among the oldest group, (35 percent of 35 - 44-year-olds had used it) and least popular in the younger demographic (22 percent of 18 - 24-year olds had used it).

When compared to the top free iPhone apps, the results indicate that Android users are somewhat less creative than iPhone users when it comes to their application choices. Six of the top seven most-used Android apps come pre-installed on Android phones, while none of the top seven iPhone apps come preloaded.

This wasn't the only difference between iPhone and Android app users. iPhone users showed a preference for entertainment related apps like Netflix, Pandora and Words With Friends, while Android owners were more interested in basic social and location apps like Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps. Which probably hasn't escaped the notice of developers. Just last week, Facebook released a revamped version of the their Android app, which they promised would be easier and much quicker than the previous version.

Check out our slideshow below to see the most used Android apps for people aged 25 - 34.

#7 - Angry Birds

Top 7 Android Apps For 25-34 Year Olds

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