Top Baby Name Of The Future: Round 4 (VOTE)

What's the top baby name of the future? We want YOU to decide, so we asked Nameberry founders Pamela Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz to give us 16 popular names for each gender, names that are favorites today and heading toward Number 1. Your job: Choose the one in each pair that you like best. We'll keep voting until we arrive at HuffPost Parents' choice for the top baby name of the future.

To make things more fun, we've paired up the names by sound or theme. Many of the most stylish names today share several qualities: a fondness for the letter L, for instance, as in Isla and Lila. The -er and -en endings for boys -- Asher and Archer, Aiden and Hayden -- along with the Bella names for girls. Color, flower, and other nature names are big, as are vintage names such as Henry and Charlotte.

Why do fashionable baby names travel in pairs or groups? Credit the same indefinable forces that make us all suddenly start wearing galoshes and painting our living rooms pale aqua and eating grilled octopus for dinner. And with baby names, you also have to consider that most people want names that are the same but different, that capture the style of the times yet also stand apart, that are at once individual and easy to love.

What we want to know: Which of these names do you love best? Pick your favorite of each related pair... -- Pamela Satran & Linda Rosenkrantz,

INSTRUCTIONS: View all the names going head to head here, then scroll down to VOTE on each pair. Find out when the winners are announced by signing up to get Parents alerts or following us on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, don't forget to let us know which names we missed by tweeting them to us with hashtag #futurebabyname!