Experts Predict The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2020

This list from is based on Social Security Administration data and recent trends.
We likely won't have the 2020 popularity data until May 2021, but experts have a few hunches about the top 10.
We likely won't have the 2020 popularity data until May 2021, but experts have a few hunches about the top 10.

Each year around Mother’s Day, the Social Security Administration releases its official list of the previous year’s most popular baby names in the U.S. In the meantime, however, many baby naming experts try to predict the choices that may appear on the list.

The folks at shared their predictions for the top baby names of 2020 this week. Because popularity stats don’t shift too dramatically from year to year, the list looks similar to the most recent SSA rankings, but there are a few changes.

The predictions suggest Mila will crack the girls’ top 10, bumping Evelyn off the list, while Henry and Alexander will push Mason and Logan from the boys’ No. 9 and 10 spots. The rankings are based on the latest SSA data, trends from previous years, and user interest in certain names based on visitor browsing habits on

Without further ado, here are’s predictions for the top baby names of 2020, as well as some popular choices that fall just outside the top 10.


  1. Emma

  2. Olivia

  3. Ava

  4. Isabella

  5. Charlotte

  6. Sophia

  7. Amelia

  8. Mia

  9. Mila

  10. Harper

Luna, Camila and Aria are also rising in popularity and could crack the list in coming years. Meanwhile, Evelyn, Abigail and Ella are also just below the top 10 but appear to be declining.


  1. Liam

  2. Noah

  3. William

  4. Oliver

  5. Lucas

  6. Benjamin

  7. Elijah

  8. James

  9. Henry

  10. Alexander

Mason, Ethan, Logan, Michael and Daniel fall just outside’s top 10 predictions and appear to be dropping in popularity. The site also forecasts a bump for the name Sebastian in the future.

In addition to general popularity predictions, the website also released a list of “wildcard” names that have seen large increases in popularity in recent years.

“Americans are choosing more unique baby names so the wildcards and other modern baby names could unexpectedly beat our predictions if they see a large enough change,” the website notes. Read on for the top 10 wildcards.


  1. Luna

  2. Nova

  3. Everly

  4. Camila

  5. Isla

  6. Ivy

  7. Emilia

  8. Valentina

  9. Willow

  10. Emery


  1. Theodore

  2. Asher

  3. Leo

  4. Hudson

  5. Ezra

  6. Carson

  7. Santiago

  8. Mateo

  9. Elias

  10. Jack